Dating one or more individuals over time can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking for you.

That said it is important for your well-being that you know as much as possible about each date. Failing to do so could put you in harm’s way if you are not careful.

So, to what lengths will you go when it comes to getting to know someone and their history?

Be Smart and Protect Yourself

In taking the time to research and get to know someone you have dating aspirations with, here are a few pointers:

  1. How much of their background can you learn? – While everyone has the right to privacy, other info is out there oftentimes for the public to see. For instance, what if you think about dating an individual and they have a bad driving record? Is that something you’d want to be aware of? The guess is the answer is yes, especially since your well-being could be at risk. One way to find out such information more times than not is to go online. Once on there with a person’s full name and any other details, you could proceed with a citation number lookup. Finding out someone you may date has various citations on the roads and if they paid them and more is key. The last thing you want to do is be getting in a vehicle with someone not fully safe to be driving. You may also want to look for any criminal record. Having a serious criminal record could also prove a red flag to you. That is when considering dating specific people.
  2. What are your and their expectations? – Also take the time to get a sense of what their dating expectations are and provide yours in return. It is important that two individuals be on the same page when it comes to dating. Not doing so can lead to conflict, hurt feelings and more. Being upfront from day one about expectations is the smart way to go for both parties. You may find you have similar expectations or they are quite different. If the latter, it may be best to move on and look for someone else.
  3. Will their background matter to you? – The background someone has should also play a role in your deciding to date them or move along. One coming from a troubled background and with family issues may be an individual you do not see a future with. On the flip side, a person with a good background and strong family connections could be one you see a future with.

No matter who you look at dating, using commonsense along the way is key.

That said make sure any early meetings with one you find out there in the dating world is in public. Never go to one’s home for a first meeting. Let a close friend or family member know who you are meeting, where at and so on.

When you are out there dating, are you confident it will have a happy ending?