If you have plans, dreams and goals for the future then it is important that once you have decided upon them that you work your socks of to achieve them and remain focussed all the way on what you are striving for. There are lots of different methods for maintaining your focus when it comes to reaching for your goals and one of my favorite ways is through the use of something called a dream board.


A dream board is a notice board style montage which with just one look can reflect all of your dreams and ambitions. The idea is to put photos of grand homes, fast cars, family plans or anything else that you are dreaming of up on the board. If you are looking for the best way to reach for your dreams then here are just a few reasons why a dream board would be perfect for you.

Constant Reminder

If you place your dream board in a room where you spend the most time or do the most work then it will serve as a constant reminder for what it is that you are striving for. The idea is not to create a dream board and then reference it once in a while when you feel like it, to the contrary and you need to ensure that your dreams are constantly in your face, this will ensure that you never lose sight of them. Make sure that anyone you live with is aware of your dream board as well and they can aid you in staying on track.

Helps Organize Your Dreams

If someone asked you on the spot what your dreams are you could maybe reel off one or two different things that you would like to have or to achieve in your future. The dream board forces you to sit down and truly think about what is important to you and which are the dreams that you really want to chase after in your life. Family and happiness for example, these can be harder to work out in our minds than say, a job or money. The time that you will spend on your dream board will help you to organize in your mind, what it is that you truly want.

Reference Point

The sense of reward that you will feel when you can remove a dream from your board because you ahem a achieved it is incredible and it will inspire you to reach for even more. A dream board also creates a reference point in your life which you can look back upon in the future. Your dreams will change, they will change as you age and they will also change as you complete dreams and goals which you have previously set out. It is important to make another dream board when your ambitions change but don’t throw the old one away. Looking back upon dreams that you had and changed your mind about or dreams that you completed can still serve their purpose in later years.