Specific rules give the casino a small enough house edge that makes card counting useful. If blackjack rules are too disadvantageous, then card counting wouldn’t be enough to beat the dealer. Variations such as Blackjacks pay 6:5, or No doubling after a split tends to be a little too much for card counters to handle. Adequate Deck Penetration is when the dealer needs to deal out enough rounds before a shuffle for card counting to work. You also need enough rounds per hour to make it worth your while. Card counters assemble positive expected value hands of blackjack. The more hands you manage to play per hour, the more you can expect to win.

Let’s cover each of the areas with online live dealer blackjack. Most online casinos, including some of the Best Canadian Casino Sites offer pretty weak rules; however, you tend to find standard rules, making that not ideal, but not terrible either for a card counter.

If you are considering counting cards online, this one is the killer. Many online casinos employ continuous shuffle machines. That makes card counting ineffective. For online live dealer blackjack that doesn’t use a CSM, they usually have the dealer shuffle from the middle of the shoe. The best you will see is a dealer shuffling after 4 of 8 decks, and that creates a problem for card counters. Since the combination of full tables and players that are needed to click buttons to give their playing decision, then online blackjack is incredibly slow in comparison. A professional card counter plays from 100 to 300 rounds an hour.

The fastest live dealer blackjack game online offers fewer than 50 rounds an hour. Many blackjack games come closer to 20 an hour. You can win playing Blackjack; however, you aren’t going to make that much playing at an online casino from home. Blackjack at land casinos is highly viable, and the win rate is roughly $428 an hour.

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Live games have a higher penetration rate, although still not considered that high. If you aren’t familiar with live dealer casino games, they are precisely what the name suggests. You do play at an online casino; however, rather than a computer program dealing you cards, you get a real person in real-time! You can see and interact with the dealer while a live stream starts. You get the same experience as playing at a land casino, only from the comfort of your home. Live online dealer blackjack is a lot similar to offline blackjack. There is no software program to reshuffle the deck of cards continuously.

The penetration is better than you would typically find online—but still not fantastic, as you will see. Although you can’t overcome the house edge at a casino, there are a few steps you can take to minimise the edge effect. That is essentially what casino strategy is about, and it is also why luck is not the only factor to consider. There isn’t that much you can do to guarantee you win regularly and consistently; nevertheless, you can boost your overall chances of winning. At the least, you reduce the loss rate.

Here are a few straightforward tips to follow that will give you more value for money playing at an online casino. Play games with the lowest house edge that ensures you have the best payouts. Take advantage of bonuses and casino rewards. Another important thing is the size of the house edge, which isn’t the same as every casino game. It could vary from extremely low to very high. If you play the games with the lowest house edge, you are allowing a casino an advantage over you.

Three games have a lower house edge, and they are easy to learn. If you want to make your money last longer, the best three games are Blackjack, Video Poker and Baccarat. Online casinos incentivise their players to wager more by offers rewards and bonuses. Most online venues provide their customers with playing cards. Such cards record your gaming activity, and casinos issue comps based on that activity. Comp points come in the form of benefits like free offers, extra chips and other perks. You should take full advantage of comp points and loyalty schemes as they significantly increase the value you get for your bucks.