Many parents just don’t understand the allure of online gaming for their kids, but there are many reasons why today’s children, and some adults, choose to use online gaming. If you are a parent wanting to become more involved in the digital and virtual world your children seem to so enjoy, or you are someone who would like to begin to play games online, but don’t know where, or why, to start, this guide is for you.

Why do people play video games?

There are many several reasons why someone would choose to play video games. Children may play certain games because their friends do, or they may simply enjoy the problem-solving, virtual worlds they enter when they play. Competitive games are enjoyed by those that love to win, or honing their skills so they eventually win. Building games, like Roblox are fun for kids who enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when they have built their fortress and defeated the zombies. Others, usually adults, play video games to relax after a hectic day at work. Whatever the reason, it all comes down to fun.

Why should I play?

Playing online games with your kids or with friends is a fantastic way to relax. It is a method of distraction from the real world, allowing you time away from stresses of everyday life. Gaming can also be educational, and older gamers find that certain video games help with memory retention, and problem-solving skills. Another benefit is that playing the games your children play gives you insight into their world and can create a bond over a mutual appreciation of gaming.

Modern gaming

Children who may be reluctant to be leaders in reality, may find themselves eager to step into this role in a virtual world. Modern gaming is much more than lone-player events, or shoot-‘em-up scenarios, and in modern gaming, a child can become the leader of their own world, a star footballer, or a master guitarist, all by using a laptop, ‘phone, or games console. If you have never experienced gaming before, things such as finding a Cute Pet Name for a gamer tag or username may be completely alien to you, but for your child it can mean the difference between being perceived as cool gamer, or a fun player who is here to get laughs.

How do I get started?

If you have a kid that is already into games, the simplest method is to watch them play and then join in. For those wanting to try out games on their own, take a look at what apps you can download to your ‘phone and see what kind of game would suit you best. There is no need to spend any money at all on gaming as you can download free apps for android ‘phones and iPhones, or you can play hundreds of free games on websites via your laptop.

Gaming isn’t for everyone, but if you at least give it a try you may come to understand why so many people enjoy it so much.