So it has come around again, the world spectacle a lot have us have been waiting for, for.. well four years.  The World Cup is something that quenches our football needs for the majority of the summer and whether your country made it or not, it’s a must watch to most.  I have recently been speaking with my good friend Michael Volitich about the teams to look out for and who could even possibly win the whole thing.  Below I have included some teams that will always be focused on when it comes to the World Cup and teams that some consider a dark horse.


When you think about international competitions, it is hard to rule our Germany.  Their constant success throughout the years is applaudable.  The defending champs have a squad that is full of quality, that always tend to perform in international competitions and for me they have to be seen as favourites.  Even if Germany do not get off to a great start, they have been dealt with a group in which their quality should see them through to the knockout stages.


A World Cup wouldn’t seem like a World Cup without Brazil.  The five-time winners as usual qualified fairly comfortably and as usual have their world-renowned names at their disposal.  A lot of the focus will be on their superstar Neymar but you have to remember the other world class talent they have to offer.  For the first time in a long time they have machines in their team, yes they have players like Coutinho but that flair needs to be balanced with the strength of Fernandinho for example.  Brazil have a lot recent memory champions at domestic level such as Ederson, Alves, Willian and more.  This will only help the cause and could give them the edge, simply out of big game experience.


Even though Spain aren’t the dominant team they once were, it is hard to rule them out.  I know their style of play doesn’t tend to work as well as it used to and they have lost a lot of their stars through retirement, but they have a crop of stars that you can’t take for granted.  If you look at their squad, they have at least a handful of world class players.  David De Gea, Diego Costa and an inform David Silva to name a few.


Like others mentioned, France have had a lot of success when it comes to international tournaments.  I know that this may not have been in recent tournaments but the amount of class they have means they must at least be mentioned as potential winners.  They have a clinical striker in the squad, Griezmann is a constant goal threat and managed an impressive 6 goals in the European Championships.

Notable Mentions

For me the teams I have mentioned are favourites but there are some teams I think are worth a mention.

•Portugal – Euro Winners + Ronaldo

•Argentina – Messi

•England – Have improved a lot, with a squad full of talented players and for me the world’s best striker.