Many of us who are overweight, out of shape or worse, are often guilty of putting off our healthy living plans for ‘another day,’ and I have also been guilty of this in the past. Whilst it certainly is very easy to sell this dream to ourselves so that we can continue to eat and drink whatever we like, the day has come for us to finally make good on that plan to eat and live a clean lifestyle. Many in the medical community like the brilliant Dr. Curtis Cripe have been speaking out about the importance of physical and mental health during lockdown and here is exactly why your unhealthy time is up. 

The Obvious 

Let us start with the obvious reason as to why you should stay healthy and that is because it is clear that those who have been having the toughest time with the virus that is sweeping the planet is those who are unhealthy and overweight. This is not to say that you will necessarily have a horrible time of it but the probabilities are certainly high and when you think about it, do you really want to suffer more simply because you couldn’t make some small changes in your life?


We are on the verge of entering another lockdown and during the first one it became clear that man who were struggling with the change would indulge in temptations such as lazing about, eating junk food and overdoing it with alcohol. this of course was understandable, this was a crazy situation which nobody had been through and everyone was just trying to do their best to get through the situation. 


Having been there myself I will say that we are brilliant at convincing ourselves that dieting or exercising more are going to be incredibly difficult things to do, and this is why we often put it off for such a long time. The reality is however that this is just what we say to ourselves so that we don’t have to make the decision to change. The reality is that there will be a tough week or two and then everything is fine, it really is not difficult to live a healthy life. 

Mental Wellbeing 

We mentioned in the intro the need for everyone to also take care of their mental wellbeing during this time and one great way to do that is through living a clean lifestyle. Many of us know that we shouldn’t be living the way that we are and that can breed guilt. This guilt does nothing good for your mental wellbeing and so this is the first place to start. On top of this you have additional exercise which also gives us a chemical boost that encourages us to have a better frame of mind and a better level of mental wellbeing. 

The time for excuses is over, let’s use the coming months to get back to our best.