I am currently studying medicine here in Waukesha, Wisconsin and amongst the female students we have found in Dr. Victoria J Mondloch and inspirational figure whom we all wish to emulate. Victoria J Mondloch is a gynecologist and a obstetrics specialist who has done a great amount of work for women’s health in the state of Wisconsin and in particular here in Waukesha. We first learned about Victoria Mondloch when she came to give a lecture on ovarian cancer in the university and ever since then we have all followed her work intently and identified why she is so good at what she does, and how she has inspired us all.


Here in Waukesha, Wisconsin we have regular pop-up medical centers which offer free breast cancer and ovarian cancer screening. At the heart of these operations is Victoria Mondloch who is instrumental in why they exist in the first place. Part of the reason as to why she is so passionate about this is because of the lives that these centers can save, spotting issues very early which greatly increases the chances of curing such diseases.


As I mentioned the first time that we had any interaction with Victoria was when she gave a lecture in the university, something which she does several times each year. Beyond this she is also a regular contributor to the Medical Journal where she will discuss women’s health issues and the importance of education around such issues. The journal reaches a huge number of people and this is a great way for her to spread her message.


At times it seems as though there isn’t much that Victoria Mondloch cannot do and beyond her amazing work as a doctor and her extra-curricular activities, she is also a member of the hospital board and an authoritative figure within the hospital here in Waukesha, Wisconsin. From this position she is able to directly impact and decide on what the hospital does regarding female health and as you can imagine this means that she can actively affect positive change with the hospital and within the community on the whole.


Victoria Mondloch gives a huge amount of her time to women’s health and in her spare time she has been known to go to research and development facilities to help technicians and scientists in their pursuit to find new treatments and new methods which will treat female health issues. The reason why this is so important for the people working in these centers is that they require the expertise of doctors who work on the front line and her input is highly valuable.

What I love most about Dr. Victoria J Mondloch is that she has dedicated her life’s work to the improvement of women’s health and she has worked tirelessly to this end. If I can be even half as successful as she has been in her career then I will be very happy indeed.