Are you looking to try and get a new job? Have you been sending resumes out without any success? If so then you are not alone and this is the case for a great many job seekers. It may well be however that your resume is not working well for you and that is why you must place a lot of importance on getting your resume just right and ensuring that it does what it is supposed to in terms of getting you a job. The most important aspect of a  resume is that it must stand out and we spoke to the team at recruitment company TME Enterprises, to see why doing that is so vitally important.

Half a Minute

It is estimated that a recruitment manager will look at your resume for just 30 seconds, that is all, just half a minute for them to be wowed by who you are and what you have done, or at least impressed enough to take you through to the next stage of the recruitment process. Pick up a book or a magazine and set your timer for thirty seconds, just see how much you are able to read within that time, you’ll see that it isn’t very much at all. This is why your resume needs to get straight to the point, it needs to be succinct and informative.


Imagine if you are a requirement manager and you have 50 resumes in front of you, all saying the same things, all written in the same way and all formatted the same. Now let’s assume that your resume is number 45, how much attention do you really think that the requirement manager is going to give your resume? The answer of course, is not too much. If however you have a resume which is formatted in a better way, written using smarter vocabulary and delivered like a bullet of information, you will grab the manager’s attention straight away and almost force them to look at who you are and what you do.

Best Candidate

The bets candidates may not always get the job and this will come down to the quality of the resume. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how much success you have had in the past or the fact that you may very well be the perfect fit for this job, if you want to get an interview then you must nail the resume first. Tim Cook, chairman of Apple could quite easily apply for a position as a salesman working for Microsoft, a job which you’d assume he could do with his eyes closed. If however Mr. Cook delivered a poorly written or formatted resume, he may never even get to the interview stages. The example may seem silly but the message is very clear, get your resume right if you want to have any chance of getting the job that you are applying for.