Beyond the gambling aspect of a casino, the games themselves provide you with a whole lot of fun and winning is of course a nice bonus too. With this being said however many people feel somewhat overwhelmed by these games, but the reality is that there are so many classic casino games which are very easy to play. No matter whether you are going to hit some real money casinos in the USA or you fancy having a go online, here are some of the simplest games which you can learn to play, so that you will feel confident when it is time to get down. 


There are a number of names which you may have heard for this game, such as pontoon and 21, but they are all the same game. In a game of blackjack you need to reach the magic number of 21 with a single hand, or as close to it as possible. You will begin with 2 cards and then have the choice each round if you would like to take another, so that the total value of your hand is 21 or less. Here you are playing directly against the dealer, and the odds are always 2/1. Now the challenge here is knowing when to stop and when to play, because if you go over 21 you are out of the game, and the same goes for the dealer. 


The most common form of poker which is played in casinos around the world and in the best AU online casinos is Texas Hold’em, which is also one of the easiest forms to play. Here you will be given 2 cards, and 5 more cards will be turned over in the center of the table. The winner at the end of game is the person with the best hand, of which you are able to include those center cards in your own hand. This however is if there is no gambling involved, but when we add that things get more interesting. There are only 10 winning hands in the game, but the trick is to bet in such a way that others think you have the best. The game itself is easy to learn, to become excellent at it requires time, patience and experience. 


Unlike the other two games we have just mentioned, roulette is very much a game of chance, regardless of what anyone says. The reason for this is that a weighted ball is spun around a wheel and lands anywhere it pleases. Your job is to bet on where you think that it will land. What makes this easy is that you don’t really need much inside info, and there are many ways to bet and win. You could bet on a single number, a chance of 2 or 4 numbers or even a whole section of the board cover multiple numbers or colors. Each bet type carries with it its own probability, and that is where real fun can be had. 

If you are in a casino and you are not sure where to go, the best bet is to start at the slot machines which are simple and fun to play. From here you can suss out the room before making your next move.