Millennials today are very much eager to set their foot into real estate. Who says that all they care about is going to coffeeshops, post memes, and going to cultural events that are supposed to draw you into the hipster crowd?

At best, millennials are not the lazy, self-entitled demographic that, well, preceding generations portray them to be. For the most part, their being tech-savvy shouldn’t be confused for arrogance or narcissism. They are actually the most engaged demographic online. Their numbers speaks volumes of how they are going to influence modern discourse, which is pretty cool if you think about it.

Even more so,a great deal of millennials are also setting up business startups here and there. Knowing the vast knowledge they possess about digital marketing and other modern business trends, we shouldn’t convince ourselves into seeing millennials as literally the lost generation (lost in terms of the way they supposedly distract themselves from the world’s most pressing issues).

Far from it. Millennials already have a good grasp of reality, so much so that they are basically capable of engaging in large-scale investments.

This brings us to millennials and real estate. According to an article in Real Estate Express, millennial homebuyers have surpassed the baby-boomer generation by a large margin in 2015. And they will continue to do so as the housing market reels from 2008’s real estate and financial crisis.

With that said, marketers in the real estate arena are trying new ways to appeal to millennial tastes. If you happen to be a millennial, you need to brush up on a few basic points before you can finally settle in the home of your dreams.

What to live somewhere that fits your lifestyle? Read on, fam.

Save up

So, we just debunked the myth that millennials are not self-centered slobs, but this doesn’t erase the fact that they still have to play by the rules if they want to make it in the real estate market.

With that said, millennials should start to realize the value of saving for their futures. A house isn’t built overnight. It’s actually a large enough investment that, if handled improperly, will leave you bankrupt. To secure yourself from such a scenario, you should first have the right amount of money to keep you afloat.

Choose the best communities

But aside from the insane amount of money you need to buy a house, you will have to make sure that the community where you settle in has everything you need for your subsistence.

Luckily, you can find healthy communities just about anywhere. Florida, for instance, has Arabella Cove in Tampa. The place offers the kind of vibe you want to relish in. What’s more, the beach is just within your reach and you can get a kick out of driving only a short distance for the nearest resorts.

Get financial advice

Let’s talk about money again. Maintaining a house is as costly as buying one. With that said, you should always get sound financial advice from real estate experts who will help you with the complex world of real estate investments.