Are you considering a job on an oil rig? Have you ever asked yourself: “How much do oil rig workers make?”

They spend 12 hours a day, 7 days a week working, and they live on the rigs for a huge part of the year! Not to mention, it is a dangerous job!

If it’s so high-paying, how would anyone even get the job?

Let’s take a look.

About the Job

People get started in these positions from wildly different backgrounds.

Some may have gone to trade school for oil field work, some came from the military, and some come from different trade backgrounds.

There have been people who land a truck-driving job that transports to and from oil rigs, which is a great way to network but has dangers of its own. Learn more about truck safety here.

No matter how you got there, once you’re in, you’re in. That can be a harsh reality for some.

Contact with the world from the rig is extremely limited, the job is very physically demanding, the hours are long, and most jobs on the rig require at least 2 weeks on board at a time!

Many have ranked this profession as one of the worst jobs in 2012, so the oil worker salary must be really high, right?

How Much Do Oil Rig Workers Make?

The pay is determined by the job being performed. Not all oil rig workers do the same tasks.

There are electrical, scientific, manual, engineering and many other jobs you could be placed in on a rig, depending on your background.

So yes, in short, the average oil driller salary is believed to be just about $100,000 annually. This does not mean that is guaranteed.

If you are just starting out, the average salary for newcomers is $66,923. Definitely not a bad start.

Engineers and other oil rig jobs may make a little more in their careers than a laborer, or roustabout, but what can you do with the most popular job, drilling, on your resume?

People who have a lot of experience and wind up working as “drilling consultants”, down the line, can expect more than double the estimated $100K. Now, that’s a pretty penny!

The Risk

We can’t talk about the job and the salary without mentioning this. If you are considering a career path as an oil rig worker, you need to understand the risks.

This is known to be a dangerous profession, with serious risks of injury.

TIME refers to this as one of America’s most dangerous professions, citing rig explosions and missing workers.

Offshore oil workers should find out if they have any legitimate claims regarding their health and safety. Some oil workers struggle with health issues and need fast cash to cover those medical bills. That’s where 800LoanMart can step in and help.

Is This Industry For You?

That is up to you.

As long as you are fully aware of the risks, and are comfortable enough with your trade and safety skills, we’ve already answered the question: “how much oil rig workers make?”

For those considering, keep reading up on the topic, so that you can best understand the risks and rewards.

If you do go into the industry, or you are already in it, make sure you are absolutely certain that safety standards are being upheld. If you are ever uncertain about it, make sure you have not been victimized or put in danger in any way by contacting a professional! They are there to help.

If you are looking for a new high-paying career path, you can compare salaries and check out other business news with lots of other professions here on our site.

Written by Rajiv. He is writing content for Serpwizz. You’ll find me playing with my dog Gizmo in between copious cups of coffee and even the odd donut or three 😛