Truck DrivingTruck driving is much more dangerous than people might think. This is due to various reasons but the one factor that is always important is that when involved in a truck accident, the destruction is normally catastrophic. All truck drivers in New Jersey and all US states need to be careful and respect at least the following common sense truck driving safety tips like not driving in a truck’s no zone.

Remain Alert At All Times

You need to know what happens around you. As you drive your sight should be way ahead of you and you need to look around the rig as often as possible. The idea is to plan a mental escape route in your mind for almost all situations that can appear. That will help you to easily avoid potentially fatal situations as something bad happens.

Always Check Weather Reports

Before you go on any trip you need to know everything about possible weather conditions. At the same time, the weather report should be checked while traveling. You can figure out if road conditions might change by checking outside temperature. As a trucker you need to be prepared to drive in bad weather. Necessary precautions are always necessary and proper trip planning can be considered as being vital.

Try To Avoid Traffic

Whenever it is possible, try to avoid traveling when traffic is high volume. Peak hours are already known for most possible destinations. The reason why you want to avoid traffic is that this also reduces the possibility of ending up in an accident.

Extra Caution Should Be Exhibited At Night

Extra caution is needed at night. This should come as common sense but many truck drivers end up being complacent. Also, remember that when maneuvering situations are tight, it is easy to make mistakes. Various truckers make the crucial mistake of leaving truck stops during the night as they think the road is right in front of them and then they end up in a ditch. Always move slowly during nights and be alert.

Driving Space In Front Of The Rig

This is one of the most important things to never forget when you drive a rig. It is important to have enough space right in front of the vehicle. In many cases it will be frustrating to drive at lower speeds as all the other drivers move faster but such an approach will keep you safe. You need what is known as a “buffer zone” as you need to have enough time to correct trajectory in the event something unexpected happens. Stopping a large rig is more difficult than a regular vehicle. Smart drivers always have this in the back of their mind.

Avoid Changing Lanes

The last tip we should mention is that you should pick a lane and then do all you can to stay on it. Cars are going to easily dodge other cars but for a rig it is much more difficult to do so. Driving the rig will simply be a whole lot easier when you avoid changing lanes as much as it is possible. As an extra tip, be sure you prepare for turn related changes as in advance as you can.