There are many Ways to Be a Better Driver
Photo by CC user thienzieyung on Flickr

Are you looking to be the safest driver out there on the roads? If so; there are myriad of ways whereby you can improve your performance behind the wheel.

Whether you are completely new to the roadways or have not driven in ages, though choose to return now, make driver safety your major focal point.

Given how many people nationwide are injured (and even killed) daily on roadways big and small, driver safety can never be taken for granted.

That said are you ready to do all you can to be the best driver out there?

Put Safety at the Top of Your List

So that you can protect yourself (and countless others on the road with you at any given time), keep these five tips in mind:

  1. Safety – Above all else, safety behind the wheel must be stressed again and again. For example, are you one of those people that gets in a vehicle, only to forget (or purposefully) the importance of wearing a seat belt? Make note that it only takes one accident to change your life forever, not to mention those closest to you. The same holds true for what you do behind the wheel. In the state with more people and more vehicles on the road than anywhere else in the nation, California certainly sees its share of accidents regularly. In order to lessen the chances of you becoming a victim, taking the California driving test as a first-time driver, moving to the state etc. is not only a requirement, but a way to learn the rules of the road there;
  2. Distractions – Do your best to avoid becoming a distracted driver. All too often, it is just that split-second distraction that can injure one or more or even take lives. Make sure you do everything possible to focus on the road at all times. This means no texting or talking on your phone, avoiding fiddling with the radio or CD’s, not putting on makeup or trying to use an electric razor, reading newspapers or books, eating and much more. Even talking rather emphatically with one or more passengers in the vehicle can lead to a distraction, one you may regret for the remainder of your life.

Drinking and Driving

  1. Drinking – Despite the countless amount of dollars spent over the years on warning against drunk driving, too many people are still injured or worse on America’s roadways yearly. Yes, you may think that you did not have too much to drink, but is that truly the case? Even the slightest buzz could lead you to an accident, an accident where your life could be over as you know it. If you are found guilty of DUI, you will lose your driver’s license for a period of time, pay a significant fine, perhaps even do some significant jail time (especially if your actions harmed others);
  2. Traveling – In the event you are off on an adventure, make sure you get plenty of sleep and are properly hydrated and fed. While accidents can certainly happen close to home when one is sleepy or unsure of road conditions, taking trips in a vehicle can lead to problems if one isn’t careful. Be sure to properly plan your trip as far as directions, where you will be staying, where the nearest roadside facilities and medical centers and/or hospitals are etc. The last thing you want on a trip is to have your vehicle broken down and/or you get into an accident;
  3. Calmness – Finally, would you consider yourself a driver not egged on by others on the roadways? It can take just a second or two for someone to throw you into a tizzy, one whereby you do something stupid. Whether another driver is tailgating you, cuts you off, weaves in-and-out of traffic, don’t take the bait. The worst thing you can do is go after them and/or do something as foolish as they have. Always turn the other cheek, letting them be the one eventually getting into trouble with the law.

As someone behind the wheel regularly, what safety tips do you advise for your fellow drivers across the nation?