Just like you, your trees can fall under the weather. There can be many reasons for this—anything from disease to pest infestation to poor nutrition. And while you may call on the doctors when you’re feeling ill, you can call on an ISA-certified arborist in Edmonton to help you take care of your property.

Wondering why you can trust an ISA-certified arborist? Because they will help your trees thrive...

What’s an ISA-Certified Arborist?

ISA stands for the International Society of Arboriculture, which is a third-party organization that provides credentials for arborists around the world. An individual with this accreditation has passed extensive exams given by the society to test their ability to diagnose and provide care to trees and shrubbery. They must also adhere to the organization’s code of ethics, ensuring any certified arborist treats both their employees and their customers with respect and professionalism. An arborculturist with this certification will be able to use their extensive knowledge to assist people with their property.

Determining whether or not an arborist in Edmonton has this accreditation is simple. Before you schedule a consultation with one of their experts, do some snooping. You can go online and find this information quite easily. For example, if you were to visit Chipps Tree Care’s website at www.chippstree.com, you can find their ISA-membership badge next to their certification. You can also verify the certification by cross-referencing the ISA’s arborist search tool.

Why is an Expert Needed?

Just as humans occasionally need doctors, trees need the help of Edmonton arborists for diseases, injuries, and other ailments. You wouldn’t attempt to diagnose your friend’s infection, so you shouldn’t think you’re qualified to do the same for your property. Anyone attempting to solve these problems without extensive knowledge of the species can find themselves doing more harm than good. Each issue needs to be addressed in a way that helps the tree without affecting the surrounding flora and fauna. ISA-certified arborists like the crew at Chipps come equipped with the appropriate tools, techniques, and know-how in order to offer comprehensive care. Their methods involve low-impact rigging for Edmonton tree removal so as not to upset the surrounding landscape or wildlife.

The next time you suspect something isn’t quite right with your Maple, Birch, or Pine, remember to call in the experts. A quick consultation with the arborists Edmonton trusts can reveal the issues threatening your property. They’ll be able to identify the right course of action and carry it out in a safe and efficient way. With their help, you’ll be able to keep your property happy and health.