Girish Navani is someone who I was friends with since we were at school together and he is someone who has inspired me for a very long time. At a very early stage in his life Girish Navani decided that he wanted to work in healthcare and whilst originally he had planned on becoming a nurse, he would actually go on to become a phenomenal doctor. My career went in a very different way to that of Girish Navani but he and the goals which he set out for his career have long inspired me and here is how I have become a better person because of him.

No Right

Girish was not the son of a doctor nor were there any medical professionals in his family, Girish Navani was also not born with a silver spoon in his mouth which is why I have always felt that his feat of becoming a doctor was all the more worthy of respect. What inspires me so much about Girish is that he always reached for the stars and that is why he is in the position that he is. The reason why he wanted to be a nurse is because he felt that this would be the best career that he could get given were he had come from, as soon as he realized that he had the potential to do more however he didn’t run from it but instead decided to embrace his gift and do all that he could with it.


Optimism was never something that I was very good at but having spent so much time with Girish over the years I realized that I had began to be more positive and more hopeful than I used to be. Even during medical school when he was working 20 hours every day in trying to be the very best student that he could, he would still always look on the bright side of everything and I don’t think that I ever heard him dread the next day or complain about how busy he was. This is such an inspiring quality and I know that it is because of him that I am the positive person that I am today.


When Girish told me about what he wanted to do with his career it scared me as I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with mine. This forced me then, at a very young age, to think about what it was that I wanted to do and that was why I began writing, because I decided that journalism would be for me. Had Girish Navani never made that decision back in high school that he wanted to work in medicine, I may never have realized the importance of picking a career early and I may never have became what I am today, a debt which I will forever owe.

An inspirational man and someone who I am proud to call a friend.