As an employee of a company you have rights to treated fairly which includes the right to have insurance coverage while you are employed. This insurance should include coverage for if you get injured or fall ill while working. For most businesses, they must have workers’ compensation insurance to cover each of their employees.

Workers Compensation Defined

The United States has created a mandatory requirement for employers to provide to their workers full coverage insurance when they are working. The coverage varies from state to state but generally includes any injuries or illnesses suffered by workers when they are working or coming to and from the job. It is called workers’ compensation. The program is a state administered and financed by employers and the system is configured to assess and pay the expenses of employees who are injured or become ill while working. The insurance coverage begins the first day the employee is hired and lasts until the employee is no longer employed at the business.

Key Facts of Workers Compensation Benefits

  • If you are employed at a company and injured or become ill while working there. You must report it to someone in authority at the company immediately. Workers compensation has a time limit which is generally 30 days for a claim to be made. If you wait beyond this period, there is a chance your claim will be denied.
  • If you were injured or became will at work and are or have received workers’ compensation benefits and want to adjust your claim, there is a two year period for you to have your claim reassessed.
  • Workers compensation eligibility begins if you are unable to return to work for seven consecutive days due to the injury or illness. The system is very efficient and if you have an injury or illness that keeps you out of work, your weekly compensation will be mailed or deposited with you starting two weeks after your claim.
  • Anyone claiming an injury or sustained illness must be examined by an employer supplied doctor.
  • Your employer can dispute the findings of this physician with the state’s Workers Compensation Board.
  • If your medical visits are during working hours, you will be compensated for this time.
  • There is also an area of workers compensation that will protect employees who may be targeted because they make a claim. An employer cannot fire an employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim. The employer also cannot fire anyone who acts as a witness to the workers compensation claim.

You Should Hire a Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

Workers’ compensation claims are nearly always complex and if the injuries or illness is significant requiring medical care over a long period, there will normally be disputes between the employer and injured employee regarding facts surrounding the claim and fault.  Insurance companies also get involved and seek to limit compensation and even terminate coverage for the employee. For any employee who is injured or falls significantly ill on the job, their best plan of action is to speak with an attorney like The Walthew Law Firm, who specialize in assisting with Seattle Washington workers’ compensation claims. They can give you a full understanding of the process so you will have the best chance to get your compensation and care.