Today’s smartphones are good for far more than just communication. They’re powerful tools that can help you monitor, achieve, and share your goals. If you want to improve your wellness in 2017, your phone can be the key to success for everything from tweaking your diet to managing health problems better. Use these strategies to incorporate smart tech-based solutions into your wellness goals.

Track Your Eating Habits

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Image via Flickr by bvalium

One of the biggest obstacles to weight loss is a poor eating habit that you’re unaware of. Tracking your food will help you see where you’re falling short so you can tweak your dieting strategies appropriately. Keeping a food diary can help you identify problematic associations, like a connection between caffeine and bloating or wheat products and indigestion.

You’ll find no shortage of smartphone apps to help you track what you’re eating, from those that offer manual data entry to apps that will scan the bar code on your groceries and input the information automatically. Get into a routine of logging your consumption throughout the day for powerful insights into your eating.

Enhance Your Workouts

Use your smartphone to take your workouts to the next level with handy fitness apps. If you’re motivated by games, try an app like Zombies, Run! that makes every jog a survival adventure. MapMyRun will generate a map of your route, so you can share a great visual of your progress. From apps that will walk you through a yoga routine to those that push you through strength workouts, there’s something to enhance any type of activity.

Get Positive Support

Pursuing healthy habits is easier when you have a strong support system. Use your smartphone to stay connected with others who are pursuing similar goals. Whether you’re using a group text to encourage other friends who want to quit caffeine with you, or you’re Skyping with a long-distance aerobics buddy during your workouts, your smartphone can be a powerful tool for motivation and support.

Pair It With Other Devices

With the right devices, you can use your smartphone as the central coordination point for several health and fitness tools. The first thing to address is the smartphone itself. Make sure you’re working with a recent model and reliable network, like the Galaxy S7 from T-Mobile. This phone has an expandable 256GB memory combined with a powerful 4G LTE Network, so you can store all your necessary data and connect to Wi-Fi at a moment’s notice to keep things updated.

Combine this smartphone with technology like a wearable fitness tracker, smart glucose meter, or Wi-Fi connected scale. You can monitor your indoor air quality, track your tooth-brushing habits, or take your temperature via the right smart devices and paired apps. Choose the items that make the most sense for your wellness goals, and pair them with your smartphone for a comprehensive approach to health.

Get a Great Playlist

Your smartphone is a great tool for adding an upbeat playlist to your fitness efforts. There are endless uses for a carefully curated playlist. You can put together some gentle tunes to help you wake up in the morning, select an energizing playlist for your morning shower, or create a collection of bedtime melodies that will help you unwind so you can get more sleep at night. The right music can set the mood for nearly any wellness goal.

Store Essential Information

Have you ever gotten to the pharmacy counter or clinic and found that you couldn’t answer an important question? Your smartphone can offer the solution. Input essential details such as the names and doses of your medications, your blood type, or your doctor’s contact into. An app like MyID or iMedAlert will guide you through some of the most important things you should jot down, from allergies to emergency contacts, so you have everything you need in one place to enhance your health care.

Identify your top health and wellness goals for 2017, and set your smartphone up to become your ultimate assistant on the way to those achievements.