Many people with poorly formed teeth dream of having a perfect smile and thankfully there are many treatments available which you can use to achieve this if you are in this group of people. One of the most commonly used types of treatment are dental braces and these can have great results for many people. We spoke with super dentist Kami Hoss to find out more about dental braces and if you are considering this treatment, here are the pros and the cons that most people experience when they undergo this treatment at their dentist.


Braces work by measuring the teeth and working out how they each need to move in order to obtain the perfect results. The dentist will then carefully place brackets on the teeth that will move before putting a thin wire through each brick and tightening it at either end. The tension is what will gradually force your teeth to move into a position that you are happier with.

The Pros

First let’s take a look at the benefits which you will be able to enjoy when using this type of dental treatment.

Success Rate

In most cases a dentist will much prefer to use braces and they have a very high success rate in moving the teeth into a position whereby you can reclaim your smile. There are very few cases where braces do not work for the patient.


There is a misconception about braces that they are only used on children and teenagers but in actual fact everyone can benefit from using dental braces and even in adults the teeth can still be moved in this way.

Cost Effective

In comparison to other treatments that achieve the same goal dental braces are the cheapest of the lot and they are very reasonably priced. Another option is Invisalign and this treatment costs almost double the price of dental braces.

The Cons

Dental braces work very well but there are still some concerns which people have about them.


Dental braces generally work much slower than other options and some people who want quicker results prefer to pay a little extra and have an alternative treatment.


Having a metal brace in your mouth is something which people really dislike because they believe it to be unsightly. This may be true in the short term but over the long term these will provide you with excellent results. Many adults go against choosing braces for this reason.


As the teeth move your dentist will need to change the braces multiple times in order to keep adding pressure to the teeth that need to be moved, something which some patients confess to not liking.


In some cases the movement of the teeth can cause pain and discomfort and you may be prescribed a painkilling drug to help make this a bit more easier on you.

Not everyone experiences the negatives of braces but the choice will ultimately be yours to make.