Limited mobility through age, illness or injury can be very challenging and it will impact almost all aspects of your life. For many people with such issues, the biggest challenge can be simply getting from A to B each day. Although you may have family and friends who will be on hand to help, it is likely that you will begin to feel like a burden if you are constantly having to ask people to ferry them around. Thankfully we live in an age whereby limited mobility does not mean that you will have to be confined to the home, and with these tips you can reclaim your independence and go about your day with ease.


Cars can be modified to allow those with limited mobility and disability to be able to drive where they want and when they want. For example if you are restricted to what you are able to do with your legs and feet, you can look to buy an automatic car which can be modified to be driven solely using hand controls. Furthermore you can buy cars which have additional hand rails for easy entry and exit. Across the country there are a number of mobility programs which help those with disabilities to get themselves a car which is tailored to their needs. I myself use the Ford motability scheme and have done for a number of years, which has greatly improved my life.


Mobility scooters used to be quite restricting, and you could generally only use them in certain areas such as shopping centers or supermarkets. The scooters which are being produced at the moment however are heavy duty, durable and road-going thanks to the increased power and speed which they offer. Better still is the fact that the scooters which are on the market right now offer lengthy battery life which means that you can travel for miles until you need to recharge. If you invest in a mobility scooter you will be able to gain a lot more independence, and go out and about just like someone who is able-bodied.

Ride-Sharing Apps

Getting around using taxis is a great way to go to where you need to but there are many times when this simply doesn’t work. If for example you are far away from a taxi service, it can be difficult to find a local service to help you out. Thankfully however, we can use ride-sharing services such as Uber, Cabify or Lyft, which will come right to your location and take you home, or wherever else you need to be. These services are easy to ask for as you do so straight from your cellphone, and your GPS instantly locates you, and then let’s the cab know where you are going to be. You can use these apps to plan cabs ahead of time, or request one straight away should you need to get around. In my experience, drivers are brilliant in terms of helping you in and out of the car, and they offer a wonderful service for a great price.

Just because you struggle to get around does not mean that you can’t do it, there are plenty of options out there for you.