Trustify is a DC-based startup that is quickly gaining popularity at the moment. It offers special on-demand investigative assignments, all in affordable and small blocks of time. The service that Danny Boice founded is now really popular among the PI community, ever since its original name of FlimFlam.

The very first impression you get is that Trustify is going to handle everything alone and that investigators are working as subcontractors. This is not actually the case. As an investigator receives an assignment, the PI contacts the client, sets up the investigation, works out details and works out the future surveillance times and dates that are needed. Trustify is practically handling all the marketing, getting leads, analyses and minimizes financial risks. This tech platform uses private investigators in order to offer confidential, efficient and affordable services.

A huge reason why Trustify is gaining traction among people that work in the industry is the guarantee that it offers. According to Danny Boice, even if there is a client that does not make a payment for the services done by a private investigator, the professional is still going to be paid.

Obviously, the rate that is offered is lower than what the PI regularly charges. However, because of the fact that getting clients is done by Trustify and there is this payment guarantee, many PIs actually end up making more money in the long run. After all, one of the biggest financial problems that private investigators have is that clients do not pay for the work that they did.

Let’s consider the situation in which there is a private investigator company that has many PIs hired. A steady salary is paid out. However, if there is no work that is to be done and there is no contract, the salary is still paid. This can lead to huge financial difficulties in the future. Fortunately, Trustify helps as it can get work that can be handled by those private investigators.

Every single Trustify private investigator is carefully chosen. A resume is required and licensing proof is absolutely mandatory. Contact information for the investigator is also something needed. Getting accepted if you are a starting private investigator is quite difficult. Just those that are specialized in specific domains of activity are considered. To make matters even better, a representative of Trustify always handles an interview with the PI that applies. The questioning is often considered to be overboard but it is definitely necessary.

On the whole, the truth is that every single Trustify review you will read will be positive. Even if the service is not perfect, it is quite hard to reach that level since we are talking about investigations. It is inevitable that you are going to find some people that are not happy but if we look at the entire list of reviews, it is obvious that everything is positive. Trustify manages to offer a service that is great for both businesses and individuals that need the help of PIs and private investigators.