Screen recording is a popular trend and this is because of the features that are present in these tools. You are free to capture the screen in different formats like images and videos and alteration is also possible in the captured screen shots. The saving formats are also different and with the help of new features one can directly share this on web as well. However, there are enough software programs available in the market but the selection always depends on the requirement. If you are a professional and the work is sturdy then it’s better to have a paid version otherwise free versions can also be helpful in simple tasks.

Ability to record-

Operating systems are different and it is a fact that software is created according to the OS. There is screen recorder for windows 8 and they work well on this OS but the other may only work on Mac OS. Therefore, this is the first ability check that has to be performed by the end user. Apart from this, it also depends on the screen that is being recorded at a particular point of time. There are software that provides full screen and video capture along with selected portions. However, there are advanced tools that are implemented in these programs for editing the captured videos as well.

Features differ-

Every screen recording software has some features that are different from the others. However, the number of software does not prove the efficacy of the software. There are some basic and prime features that must be included like audio and video recording along with the customization facility of hot keys. Apart from this features like mass sharing, import and export and clear image are also some of the basic features that must be present in the software. New features like integration with different social sites and zip file creation must also be available. So, take a look and then decide about the software.

Use with comfort-

Generally the users of screen recorders are not computer tech savvy because they require it for small modifications and other task which include creating attractive content without any expert help. Therefore, the interface of the software must be easy so that anyone can easily gel with it within no time. The selected software must also be compatible with the setup that is currently installed in the hardware. Therefore, it is better to have advanced configuration so that the software can run smoothly.

Storing the data online-

This is one of the most advanced features because nowadays cloud storage is working as a supporting option. If the users do not have enough space in the hard drive then they can also store the created files online. The free versions might have some restrictions on the storage amount but for better results it is advised to upgrade the account. The account history is also important and the users must always have access to it. So, these are the norms that are very effective in selection of screen recording software.