Martin Sanders is known to be a true leader and visionary. He has built a following of people who trust in him and his vision. He takes this responsibility very seriously and wants to make sure that he continues to deserve other people’s trust and faith in him. At the same time, he wants to build others up to become the best that they can be. One way in which he aims to achieve that, is by revealing what the qualities of a good leader are.

Martin Sanders’ Top 10 Leadership Qualities

  1. Good leaders are confident and believe in themselves. Nobody would follow someone who doubts themselves all the time, after all.
  2. True leaders are self-aware and they are their own master. They control their needs, wants, desires, feelings, and thoughts all the time. They never let their emotions get the better of them, in other words.
  3. Leaders are patient. Different people work in different ways. Some take longer to complete or understand something than others, and leaders can wait. Similarly, leaders look to the future and they are patient enough to wait for the results they envision.
  4. To be a god leader, you must be empathic and understand. You have to show others that you care about their feelings and know what they are going through. In so doing, leaders can resolve problems as and when they occur, understanding the underlying currents of emotions and the uniqueness of each problem.
  5. They must also be attentive. People won’t care about someone who doesn’t care about them. Leaders must make sure they show their followers that they have their best intentions at heart, but also that they notice when something good is done, or when something isn’t quite right.
  6. Integrity is key. A leader has to have strong morals, values, and principles, and they must stick to those if they are to have any credibility.
  7. Leaders are decisive. You cannot be afraid to make difficult decisions either.
  8. True leaders take initiative. They see opportunities and go for them, inspiring others to do the same.
  9. To be a leader you must be responsible, and you must understand how much responsibility you hold. You have the lives of the people who follow you in your hands and that is something to be taken very seriously.
  10. They must be influential and have power.

The final quality, being influential and having power, is the ultimate quality of a leader. It is also one that they cannot grow or take, it is one that must be given to them by their followers. According to Martin Sanders, those leaders who embody the other nine qualities, will build a following of people who believe them to be influential and powerful. But that immediately goes back to becoming more responsible. When people allow you to influence them and to have power over them, you cannot take advantage of that.