A business is only has good as the staff that work within it and anyone that does run a business must be aware of the importance of creating a wonderful culture for their workforce, in order to push harder for success. Of course this is no easy feat but it is something which many companies have been able to achieve, companies like Best Version Media. BVM is a company which creates and publishes magazines for communities, niche industries and subdivisions and those who have spent time working have left positive reviews on the incredible culture which they have been able to create amongst their employees. A positive culture is one where ideas flow, staff work and play hard and where staff feel comfortable to be their best selves, exactly what any business needs. Let’s have a look at exactly why creating such a culture is beneficial.

Happy Staff

A recent study by the Better Business Bureau found that staff who are happiest in their work produce higher levels of work and better results. Now of course a business must be careful that they do not create an environment where happiness is more important than the job in hand, but in creating a positive culture in the workplace businesses can encourage staff to feel happier in their job. Rewarding staff for example is something which will have a hugely positive impact on the team, as long as you actually offer good rewards, rather than an empty promise which is more of a bait and switch move, do this and your staff won’t believe you again.

Attractive Prospect

To take the example of Best Version Media, they are always inundated with application forms whenever they have a job available, because of the fact that they have a wonderful reputation regarding the culture in their workplace. In creating this kind of culture you will have a huge amount of people wanting to work with you which gives you far more talent to chose from when recruiting. A friendly culture where people work hard and play hard is something which many workers want, provide that and you will be able to attract the very best.


It is no secret as to why companies like Best Version Media who have created such a great working culture have far less absence than other companies. There are two sides to this when it comes to keeping your staff at work. The first part is that in creating a positive culture for your workforce, you will have a team of employees that want to come to work, which certainly minimizes absenteeism, secondly being flexible around people’s requirements and allowing them some hours off work here and there, means that you can often manage absence in different ways, than waiting for people to call in at the last minute. Being flexible can encourage your staff to work harder when you need them because they will know that when they need you, you will be able to assist them.