26111520776_e0c204b8fd_kKorea is becoming a very popular place for students travel to and study abroad, and it’s also home to many traveling business professionals. There are many industrial opportunities in the country and it’s definitely a fun place to visit and live. Although South Korea is known for having an abundance of higher learning institutions, many of these options aren’t very appealing to foreign students who would prefer something that is more similar to what they’re accustomed to. As a result, many students are choosing to advance their careers by using online schooling to study abroad in Korea.

    1. Distance Learning Institutions Allow Global Access

The rising number of online universities is making it possible for students to travel and live a more mobile lifestyle while still completing the courses needed to graduate. Many students who have already graduated also choose to pursue additional degrees while on vacation in Korea. For example, a registered nurse could study for their RN to masters or ASN to MSN online while visiting family in Korea. The ability to take higher level courses while still being able to carry on with your previous career and family commitments is part of what makes online schooling so appealing for an increasingly large percentage of students studying abroad in the Republic of Korea.

    1. Korea Ranked #1 in Education among All OECD Countries

Of the 35 member nations of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Korea is ranked #1 in both the percentage of adults (ages 25-34) who have attained higher education and the percentage of adults (ages 25-34) who have attained at least a secondary education. So for the nursing student who has time to attend a campus in Korea, it would be easy to find ADN to NP programs and all sorts of other courses at one of the many local universities.

    1. Giving Students an Additional Option

Even though Korea has many top-notch universities to choose from, not all students have the luxury of being able to attend physical classes on a daily basis. Furthermore, it’s understandable that many people want to earn a degree from a university located in the United States or another country of interest where they may be planning on living as a resident in the near future. Korean degrees are certainly taken seriously thanks to the aforementioned reputation of the country’s academic system, but a degree from a US-based distance learning institution is desirable in some cases.

    1. Is This the Future of Education?

Although there are still thousands of physical universities, and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ever be completely replaced by cyber schools, it does seem plausible that in the near future we could see up to 50% of students completing online courses. It’s also very likely that many of the current brick-and-mortar universities will continue to expand their online offerings. Those who are not yet offering degree programs online will probably start doing so within the next decade, as analysts predict strong growth in the distance learning sector.