Many professionals overlook the importance of sending a thank-you card because the gesture may seem awkward in a digital world, where instant messaging is the norm. However, you can achieve the opposite effect because many recipients are grateful for such cards. Sending a thank-you card is among the most straightforward forms of gratitude, especially if it is handwritten. It revives the disappearing tradition and demonstrates the value you place on the recipient.

Here are some of the perfect occasions and reasons to send thank you cards:

After a Networking Event

It pays to show gratitude to other professionals who take time out of their busy schedules to help your career growth. Although some professionals don’t expect a thank-you of any sort, they still appreciate gratitude because it means they left an impact on your life. Sending a note could also increase your chances of making meaningful professional relationships after networking events.

After a Job Interview

According to CNBC, when you send a thank-you note after a job interview, it can help move you to the next interview phase. For many recruiters, these personality traits demonstrate professional ethics and are evidence that you are a competitive candidate. The card is also an opportunity to reiterate points that you presented during the interview, hence increasing your chances of securing the position.

Thank-you cards could be the difference between getting a job and losing an opportunity. They portray respect and courtesy, which most hiring managers prefer in candidates.

When Invited to a Special Event

Some events have a limited number of guests on their invitation list, and getting a spot should be accompanied by acts of gratitude. Express gratitude to show you cherish the invite. This makes the recipients feel acknowledged and appreciated.

After Receiving a Gift

Showing gratitude for an act of kindness is one of the basic etiquette rules that parents instill in their children from an early age. Verbally thanking someone for gifts is great, but crafting a personal, heartfelt card that recognizes the giver can show how much you appreciate them. Use a handwritten note, as it’s more personal and sincere to the recipient, resulting in an even better relationship.

To Co-workers After Business Projects

If you are planning to send thank-you cards to your co-workers, you will be glad to learn that the gesture enhances productivity. The perfect opportunity is usually right after finishing a big or crucial project. If you take the time to write notes expressing gratitude for your team members’ role in the project, you will create a positive relationship with your co-workers, who may then help you more with different tasks.

It would be best to use the advanced technology at Handwrytten after learning when to send thank-you cards, because it allows you to send multiple cards at once to all team members while still keeping the notes private.

The importance of sending thank-you notes applies to many other situations, because it is among the most powerful tools for showing gratitude. Knowing when to send thank-you cards is essential in the workplace, as the results can increase loyalty from your employees and customers.