Joon Faii Ong is a real inspiration of mine and he is the man who heads up the incredible GyroGear company. Now this company has produced a wide range of products over the years but the most successful of those is a glove which is designed to help those people who have hand tremors. There are many reasons as to why someone may have these tremors, it could be as a result of nerve damage, from a stroke, or perhaps even from a problem such as carpal tunnel. This gloves works brilliantly to outmatch the vibrations from the tremor to allow people to have a steady hand, and here is how that product is changing lives.

Writing Information

In the modern world we don’t have as much of a call for writing as we once did, but there are still so many times when this is necessary. Be it filling out a form or signing one’s name, there are still reasons why you need to pick up a pen and write. Now if you have a hand tremor in your lead hand, then writing in your weak hand just isn’t an alternative for most of us. Using this glove however, people can calm the tremor in their hand and get back to writing just as they once did.

Arts and Crafts

There are so may people out there who love arts and crafts and when they develop issues in their hands they have problems continuing their passion. Whether it is painting watercolors or doing cross-stitch, these are tasks which are just too difficult to do with a tremor. Once again the glove comes in perfectly handy here and users are able to calm the tremors and get back to doing the arts and crafts which they love.


Sadly there are many people who have been forced to give up the job they love because of the issue with their hands, which of course is a real travesty. The reality sadly is that there are many jobs which require a steady hand, and it makes no sense to keep someone on who has these issues. Let’s say for example that you have trained to be a hair dresser or to work in a nail salon, all of a sudden these tasks are just going to be too hard for you to do. If however you are able to get yourself the anti-tremor glove from GyroGear, then you will be able to go back to the job which you love, and keep a still hand as you do so.

Beyond carrying out tasks there is also a safety element to this kind of product. Just think how dangerous the kitchen and cooking could be for those who have tremors in their hands. This glove can help them to keep it steady so that they do not burn themselves or cause any damage to themselves. A phenomenal company and an amazing product.