The temperature in your vacation rental home is an essential component to guest comfort. When the temperature is too hot or too cold, your renters will suffer, which could lead to lower star reviews than you deserve. It also could lead to the guests tampering with the thermostat in ways you’re not comfortable with. A few key actions on your part will keep the interior of your rental at the perfect temperature, so your guests won’t even think about it.

Use a Smart Thermostat


With a smart thermostat, you can create a specific temperature program perfect for making your guests comfortable. A smart thermostat allows you to control the interior humidity, monitor the energy usage, and change the temperature from your phone. This is a great vacation rental upgrade because you can keep an eye on the property’s internal temperature while the guests are there. If something seems amiss, you can either fix it from your phone or contact the guests.

Set Thermostat Limits

When you get that smart thermostat, consider getting one that allows you to set temperature limits. You want your guests to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they need the thermostat to be set at 65 during the summer. Program your smart thermostat to only lower to 72, for example, to prevent guests from getting carried away with the settings. That way, the next renters who enter won’t have to deal with an extreme temperature that you didn’t have time to fix.

Get Routine HVAC Maintenance

An AC that quits during a vacation is the least relaxing thing a lot of people can think of. Get routine maintenance, once in spring and once in fall, for your vacation rental’s HVAC system. Maintenance is important because the technician fixes any small problems that could turn into big ones down the line, like tightening loosened screws or topping off refrigerant. Regular maintenance ensures that your HVAC system lasts longer, too, so running an older machine that has been maintained well shouldn’t cause you any concerns at your rental property.

Change Your Filters Regularly

HVAC filters are simple to change, yet many vacation rental owners forget about this important task. When you don’t change your filter, it gets clogged with debris. That debris makes it hard for air to flow through the filter and onto the coils, which can cause all kinds of problems, including frozen coils that can’t cool your interior air. The filter is also responsible for a lot of your indoor air quality, and a dirty filter is unable to remove pollen, dander, and other particulates from the air. When this stuff builds up inside the HVAC system, other problems can happen, like clogged drain pans.

As a vacation rental owner, you want your renters to be comfortable and happy so they return, but you also want to protect your property. The right HVAC maintenance routine, plus a good smart thermostat, will ensure that the interior temperature in your property suits both your guests and your bank account.