Black or White Coffee Tables? Apparently It Doesn’t Matter

And besides, what does Michael Jackson know about interior decorating and home furnishings?

In most developments and properties, the standard norm for walls is often white. In fact, it has become a given because white is more universal and complementary than the rest. It looks cleaner and makes the space appear bigger especially with high ceilings. 

However, more and more modern homes are becoming experimental with doing the reverse and using black as the main theme of the house. Thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, black has become synonymous to floor tiles, bathroom tiles, walls and even furniture. 

Whichever way you swing on the black versus white, both colours are actually married. Using them both as primary pantones in decorating your home will give it a very classy and sleek look. If you choose to mix and match them, there are many furnitures available in the market nowadays to choose from like these nifty white and black coffee tables varieties from Domayne.

Let’s experiment and look at these awesome black and white ideas for your home:

White on White on Black

With cloud sofa cushions becoming a hot ticket item in home furnitures, it is no surprise that white coffee tables are becoming a primary option to partner them with. 

If you are keeping to a minimalistic theme for your living room, you can opt for a very sleek white rectangular coffee table with black steel geometric legs such as this sample. 

The length of the coffee table complements the L-shape of the sofa, and provides just enough leg room to move in and around it. You can also opt to keep the bottom of the coffee table free from any other decor. Or you can do the reverse and keep coffee table books on the top then place bigger ornaments at the bottom space. 

Either way, the colour combination of white on white on black is very sleek and clean. 

Just White

The space age may soon be upon us so what better way to give ode to all white than by choosing matching white furniture for your living area.

This glossy white coffee table is the perfect complement to an all-white comfortable sofa, matched elegantly with a solid coloured rug in either grey or light brown. 

The matching white furniture makes the room brighter and the air would seem a little bit crisper. A great white coffee table sample is this Lustre Coffee Table from Domayne, with its suitable length and width for any 4-5 seater sofa. 

Just Black

All black is no longer just a choice for men. More and more women prefer black even in decorating their homes because apart from it being low maintenance, it gives a room a very classy and mysterious feel. 

If you opt to keep your living room in an all-black theme, you can pair a nice black leather sofa set with a glossed up metallic black coffee table. It can be at a shorter length to give more room to walk around, or you can also opt for a longer black coffee table to partner with an L-shaped sofa. 

Black may make the room a bit darker, but it will also be a good contrast to a stark-white wall and window stills. The seating area will surely become the focal point of the room. 

So choosing between a white coffee table or a black coffee table really does not matter. You can choose to keep to just any of the two colours, or mix and match them. White and black go well together and you can never go wrong with either one of them.