Any garage door is actually the largest working door of every house and as a rule its’ most prominent feature. This is why when choosing you should considerate this process very carefully. According to the investigation held in this industry, it was found out that if you replace your old door into new overhead garage door you get a possibility to recoup up to 88% of the price if selling the house. It means that this is actually one of the better home improvement projects.

Garage Doors Types

Experts in garage doors from Toronto sort out four main types: garage doors may swing out or up, roll up, or just slide to the side.

If you plan to save your ceiling for some purposes then the best choice will be sliding barn doors or swing-out carriage-house doors with electric operators. In case you on the contrary need to save up space on the walls the best option for you is garage overhead doors.

Anyway before buying any garage doors you need to carefully measure the space between the ceiling or overhead framing and the top of the garage door opening. As a rule, you will meet overhead doors requiring headroom of about 14 inches.

Common Garage Door Materials

Wood: Wood can offer you great charm and authenticity that other materials can merely mimic. Wooden garage overhead doors can be made only locally in any size needed, and they perfectly stand up to bumps from basketballs.

The price for wooden garage overhead doors varies a lot, but they can never be very cheap because of the initial high price of the wood itself. The price depends on whether the doors consist of a lightweight wooden frame which is filled with foam insulation or they are true frame-and-panel doors created from durable mahogany, cedar, or redwood.

Steel: Metal is a much better choice for garage overhead doors region if you do not want to get much maintenance. Steel is a perfect choice because of its inexpensiveness yet remember that it is tough. Also do not forget to paint the new overhead doors with special paint because bare steel garage doors rust.

Warranties are usually great if you choose steel. Sometimes they might be even lifetime on the hardware. Steel garage overhead doors can be found at pretty low prices but the warranty there will be for smaller period of time.

Aluminum: Relatively inexpensive aluminum garage doors have recently been replaced by the sturdy versions with pretty heavy-duty extruded frames and dent-resistant laminated panels. Today such overhead doors are rugged and rust-proof, but they are perfect if you are ready to spend around $10,000 for a door.

In general there are perfect options with much lower cost because only some parts are done from aluminum. Aluminum garage overhead doors are perfect because they are very light.

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