A popular new direction that is gaining popularity in Singapore over the last 2 decades is medical aesthetics. Previously, having your looks ‘artificially enhanced’ was something that would always attract snark remarks. Trends in the recent decade, regardless, indicate a big and increasing base of self improvement enthusiasts that view plastic surgery as absolutely essential for bringing out the best in a girl. Another explanation behind this industry’s meteoric increase in acceptance is caused partly from the rise of technology, allowing medical professionals to deliver improved outcomes with lesser pain and shorter treatments. The nation state’s clinics and aesthetic scene are fast catching up with The United States – the peak of plastic surgeries.

Pico Laser

Picosecond Lasers are the freshest extension to every aesthetic doctor’s collection of machines and are able to fire bursts of energy under durations of picoseconds. It is common to see pico lasers used to remove inks and other types of skin pigmentation, but the versatility of picolasers have also seen applications use in various other types of treatments, such as skin toning. Conditions associated with pigmented skin, take for example, freckles and even pigmented underarm folds can benefit from using a variety of picolasers.

By firing off laser pulses in picoseconds, picolasers can wholly fragment brown spots or pigments on the skin. The pieces leftover of pigmentation is then taken away by the person’s own body in a natural process. As the shots of laser energy sustain for only billionths of a second, the potential for your tissue to sustain burns is very low. Pico laser procedures require no substantial recovery time. Patients are able to go about their work as they would normally. Slight redness may be seen at the place of treatment and can last a couple of hours. Cost: $250-$1000/treatment, 3-6 treatments suggested.

IPL in Singapore

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is commonly used in cosmetic and medical procedures including skin treatments and hair removal. It works similarly to laser therapy, except that IPL can target a bigger skin area in a shorter time. To understand the difference in effectiveness in treating your specific condition, it is best to consult a professional medical practitioner. MY Medical Aesthetics is one of the leading experts in treatment utilizing IPL in Singapore.

Melasma Treatment

Pigmentation in the skin is a prevalent symptom when you can notice brown patches because of collections of pigment cells in the skin layer. Exposure to UV rays might exacerbate or cause even more of these collections to appear. Thus, it should come as no big surprise that the common places susceptible to pigmentation is the face and nose. There is no such thing as a cure-all for each and every pigmentation issue. It takes a experienced medical practitioner or doctor can precisely identify what variant of pigmentation condition you are currently afflicted by. Pigmentation may form post-inflammation, due to situations such as pimples, or chicken pox. Pigmentation caused by such swellings are identified as post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH). Healthline has a good write-up on the benefits and side effects on laser therapy here.

Persons with pigmentation conditions often are left disappointed when multiple doctors, due to incorrect prognosis, fail to apply the appropriate remedies that fall short of clearing up the problem. It is folly to haphazardly treat pigmentation issues. It happens more often than you would think, but it is likely for several pigmentation conditions to be wrongly diagnosed as another type of pigmentation owing to the closeness in appearance between certain types of pigmentation symptoms. There have been a few cases of the issue deteriorating from administration of the wrong treatment procedure. Treatment procedures for pigmentation removal mostly are a combination of the following types of treatment and ranges for costs are shown as below: Ultraviolet (UV) Block Cost: $60-$135, Lasers Cost: $245-$1300, Chemical Peels Cost: $300 and above, Creams Cost: $65-$210.

Breast Implant Surgery

A perky breast of an ample size is naturally seen as a mark of beauty. Asian females typically have smaller boob sizes and would like that their boobs are bigger. There exist a few methods possible in Singapore which helps greatly to augment a female’s boob size. In the most common approach, a plastic surgery doctor will insert silicone implants directly into the breasts. Breast enlargement procedures can cost a bomb but that’s justifiable as it is considered a major procedure. The only places formally granted approval to carry out boob enhancement operations/procedures in our land are plastic surgery hospitals. Every single plastic surgery clinic in in our country is extremely specialized and tightly controlled. Plastic surgery doctors in Singapore usually ask for 13+ thousand for a breast enhancement operation. Highly reputable breast surgeons are said to cost up to SGD 28K for it.

Pimple Scar Removal

The same person can even show many different types of scars, and each individual type comes with a specific treatment protocol. Scars formed from a bout of acne terrifies doctors, due to the fact that it is notably troublesome to fully solve. Additionally, the difficulty of variables considered during the treatment is compounded because each person’s skin expresses individual conditions apparent only upon close observation that could potentially affect the intended outcome of the course of treatment. Depending on your skin type, while paying attention to the form in which the acne appears on your skin. This is crucial since different types of acne will give information on the differing types of acne scars variations may form. Take for example, some types of acne scars are ice pick scars and hypertrophic scars.

It should be noted that the different types of acne scars are different with regards to their biological structures as well. As such each type of scar will produce different results with the same treatment. For any good skin doctor looking to produce an optimal result, they firstly should formulate an action plan for the correct treatment to best treat the different types of acne scarring the individual may have. Should you have been looking to remove your acne scars for some time now, we recommend that you set an appointment a few reliable aesthetic clinics or hospitals to have a better understanding of what is required to resolve your optimal outcomes before you decide to undergo treatment. There are some aesthetic physicians or clinics that choose more gradual treatment strategies which usually include topical serums and plasma, although others may have a preference for a quicker results and dive straight into aggressive laser therapies. Prices of acne scar removal changes according to the type of treatment recommended by your aesthetic doctor, with topical creams being the cheapest and laser treatment packages costing as much as $3,000 for a complete treatment package.