In Singapore, beauty procedures have turned more and more commonplace in recent times. Up till recent times, having your appearance ‘artificially enhanced’ was something that might very well attract disapproving stares. Nonetheless, aesthetic procedures definitely have their detractors. To add to this, improvements in technology and treatments in medical aesthetics is contributing to the popularisation of that which came to be recognised as 15 min treatments — where females can finish a aesthetic procedure to boost or maintain their appearance, and still end up being able return to other daily engagements immediately after. The globalised commodity of accessibility has now descended upon the aesthetic treatments field, and the women are celebrating every minute of this.

Laser Hair removal in Singapore

The most common areas targeted for hair removal are: face, leg, back, underarm and the bikini line. Laser hair removal is by far the most effective option for removing unwanted hair where concentrated beams are focused into hair follicles. The results are also mostly permanent which is ideal for people looking for long term solutions. There are a wide range of laser hair removal options offered by 1Aesthetics Medical & Surgery and you can find out more about hair removal and the use of laser in the procedure.

Pico lasers

Picolasers are the newest expansion to every aesthetic practitioner’s range of tools and are able to fire bursts of laser energy in picoseconds. Picolasers possess a wide range of beneficial effects and may be utilized for pigmentation removal, acne treatments, skin firming and many others. Individuals who have issues with pigmentation are suitable candidates for pico laser treatments. Webmd explains what to expect during a laser hair removal procedure.

Picolasers operate by shattering the pigmentation or ink collections in the skin layers into smaller pieces with strong bursts of focussed laser energy. Your body then cleans up the bits of dispersed pigmented cells using the immune system. The power of the picosecond laser defines it a controlled treatment only licenced healthcare professionals may carry out within Singapore. Pico laser treatments will not require more than sixty minutes out of your day. Redness around the treatment site can be seen follwing the procedure. This normally disappears within a day. Costs for a picosecond laser procedure range widely; taking several considerations such as size of the procedure area, from $400-$1200 per session.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

It is fair that many of our female counterparts in most parts of the world view breast augmentation as the most trusted channel to increase their bust size. Asian women regularly have smaller chest sizes and would like that their busts are firmer. There are several techniques possible in Singapore which can largely help to augment a woman’s breast size. In the most standard method, a plastic surgeon will insert silicone implants directly into the breasts. Boob enhancement procedures are costly but that’s inevitable as it is considered a highly skilled surgery. Non-specialised Ministry-of-Health approved doctors aren’t qualified enough to operate on this surgery while only plastic surgery specialists in Singapore are formally allowed to carry out bust enlargement. Each and every plastic surgery practice in here is highly specialized and strictly controlled. Plastic surgery specialists in Singapore usually ask for 12.5K for a bust augmentation operation. This may increase to twenty-three thousand dollars, subject to your preference of specialist, clinic and specific needs.

Get rid of Pigmentation

With time, and as we grow older, our layers in the skin drops in elasticity, clearness or begins to show dark spots that previously did not show. If you reside in a country like Singapore, it is not uncommon for many people to suffer problems with pigmentation throughout their lives. Geographically, Singapore is situated right beside the equator, as a result, it receives strong amounts of sun light yearly. Though this makes year-round bright and sunny weather, prolonged contact with the sun’s UV radiation may lead to, and additionally encourage quantities of melanin production in skin layers, leading to other undesirable forms of pigments. As such, the most prevalent locations for pigmented symptoms to happen at, tend to occur in the most visible areas – the face and nose. The crux when solving pigmentation problems depends on the diagnosis. In the case of melasma, which occurs frequently because of excessive contact with sunlight, can get easily misconstrued for freckles, but may arise as a result of fluctuations in the hormones. Pigmentation can also develop post-inflammation, stemming from situations such as insect bites, or chicken pox. These kinds of pigmentation are called post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH).

Individuals experiencing pigmentation issues often are left disappointed when multiple doctors, due to incorrect diagnosis, prescribe outdated cures that eventually end up in the inability to resolve the pigmentation issue. Blindly embarking on medication to resolve pigmentation conditions is a recipe for disaster. It happens more than you would think, but it is possible for assorted conditions to do with pigmentation to be confused, diagnosed as other conditions due to the resemblance in appearance between certain types of pigmentation symptoms. Records have indicated the existence of select cases of the pigmentation issue deteriorating from receiving of the wrong remedy. Treatments and care for removal of pigmentation commonly take the following types and estimated price tags are shown follows: Ultraviolet Block Cost: $60-$110, Lasers Cost: $250-$1250, Chemical Peels Cost: $350 and up, Creams Cost: $50-$175.

Remove Acne Scars

Acne can result in a variety of types of scarring. Multiple types can afflict on the same person. Scars that arise as a result of acne rank amongst the most tricky dermal issues to remove, simply because of the number of possible different subtypes of acne scarring, with each with its own recommended treatment. The complexity of variables considered during the acne scar removal procedures is additionally compounded as a result of the fact that each and every patient’s skin contains unique characteristics that could possibly sway the targeted effect of the course of treatment. There are multiple different acne scar types and it needs a highly trained skin specialist to precisely determine how these can be treated.

Several treatments have been created to remove acne scarring, but there is no miracle cure that can effectively cure all types of scarring. Almost all seasoned doctor utilize a cocktail of various aesthetic treatments to remove acne scars. If you’ve been looking to resolve acne scars for some time, we advocate that you set an appointment a few reliable aesthetic clinics to gain a better understanding of what is recommended to treat your condition before you decide to undergo treatment. Some aesthetic physicians or clinics that elect to use protracted treatment strategies which usually include serums and plasma, while others may have a preference for a quicker results and head straight for aggressive laser therapies. Acne scars are very difficult to treat completely, be prepared to pay around the region of $2,900 and up for a comprehensive combination strategy for acne scar removal treatment.