Are you planning to renovate your house? Don’t forget to upgrade your garage door as well. Garage door opener are convenient and provide an added level of security for homeowners and businesses, says an expert at J & J Garage Door, a leading garage door repair and installation service in Libertyville. However, while making sure that your garage is secured, you must also focus on making it an elegant space; a focal point of home exteriors.

Here are some latest trends in garage doors.

  1. Wood is Back in the Game

Undoubtedly, wood brings a warm and cozy effect in the home, especially if mixed with certain synthetic materials. Wooden garage door; paneled or stained, adds to the aesthetics of your exterior. Moreover, it gives a modern touch to otherwise boring garage doors. People also prefer faux wood, as it is more durable and efficient. You will find various beautiful garage doors in Palatine, Elgin and Arlington Heights. 

  1. Use Bold Colors

Garage doors are becoming the center of attraction for home exteriors. A complete shift in design and aesthetics of garage doors has been seen in recent years. People are choosing bolder and catchy colors, including deeper shades of grey, blue, brown and green for a modern look. It will surely make your home stand out in the entire block.

  1. Opt for Larger Windows

Garages were mostly dark and dull places for dumping unused items. People are now, using it in unique ways such as a recreational area, home office, extra bedroom and much more. Larger windows can lighten up your garage and make it a warm and soothing place. Moreover, large windows are an integral part of modern home décor, often seen in places like Deerfield, Northbrook, Mount Prospect and McHenry.

  1. Mix Modern Materials

You can give a contemporary look to your garage by mixing and matching different materials such as fiberglass, metal frames steel or faux wood. Using steel and fiberglass will add a sleek and modern touch. Creative materials such as steel and aluminum panels makes garage doors more durable as well as transform the look of the garage. Many houses in Cary and Buffalo Grove can be seen sporting these looks.

  1. Opt for Smarter Garage Doors

Gone are those days when pulleys controlled the garage doors. With latest innovations in technology, garage doors have also become smarter. Various apps on your smart phones can be used to open and close them. Upgrade your garage door with sensors and it will open automatically once you have your car outside the garage. Moreover, you can also consider installing insulated doors for your garage to take care of temperature optimization in harsh winters.

Garage doors are highly important for your security and well-being, but they do not need to look dull or boring for that. Contact the best garage door installation and repair service today.