You strain your ears and hear a faint sound coming from the upstairs bathroom and realize that the sink has a leak. Tightening the taps and pushing down the handles doesn’t stop the beads from forming and hitting the bottom of the basin. Don’t try to ignore this annoyance because every drop that falls out of the faucet and down the drain adds up to a substantial amount of water waste.

Handy homeowners will want to break out their toolbox and try to repair the leak themselves, but this is not a good idea when they don’t have any training in plumbing. When you skip the wrong steps, you can accidentally let pieces fall down the drain or spray water everywhere. When you discover that you have a leaky sink, you should hire a local plumbing company to visit your house right away to fix the faucet — they can also inspect the sinks in other rooms to check if those need special attention or repairs.

If the fixture is particularly old or worn down, you may want to consider getting a high-quality replacement. A professional company can give you advice on what options will work well with your budget and the location’s size — experts at Morrison Plumbing & Mechanical can help you make the decision and do the installation.

If you want to get replacements installed, you can get low-flow faucets that will limit any water waste. Another affordable idea would be to install faucet aerators into your old fixture or find new ones that have them included in the design — these are wire mesh screens that add air into the stream and reduce the amount of water used.

Faucet aerators concentrate the flow so that there is less splashing and noise when you turn on the tap. They can improve the water pressure for homes that feel like the flow from their faucets is too light or ineffective.

Getting your leaky faucets fixed is considered one of the greatest ways to save water in a short period of time — it will be much easier to do than changing your laundry habits and cutting down your minutes spent in the shower. Leaving it alone for weeks or even months means you will waste an unexpected amount of the natural resource.

When you have a tap that drips only six times in a minute, you can lose 1,200 litres in a year — on top of how much water homeowners waste on everyday activities like cooking and cleaning, your bills will show a significant rise. You can see the impact of your little faucet leak by using the drip calculator on Morrison Plumbing & Mechanical website.

The quiet tapping noise seems like a chore that can be put on the backburner for weeks or months at a time, but this is a problem that should be dealt with when you first notice it. All you have to do is call a plumber and they will have your sink working flawlessly right away.