Nowadays, most people spend their maximum time speaking on their telephone, whether landlines or mobile phones. There are family and friends with whom we want to talk to about everything that is going on in our personal and work lives. Prepaid calling cards play a vital role in offering a great way for us to call people from any landline phone placed anywhere in the world. They were introduced for the first time in Italy in 1970 and now they’re widely used in all places throughout the globe.

Using a prepaid card is extremely simple. You just have to dial a toll-free number, feed in your PIN and dial the destination number which you want to call. There is a recorded voice which tells you about the available call time that you have in your cards. In case you’re someone who still hasn’t ever used prepaid calling cards or their mobile apps like the NobelApp offered by NobelCom, here are few benefits that you should.

  • Call rates are drastically low: The long distance calling rates of prepaid phone cards are typically low as compared against the conventional long distance services, including VOIP options like Skype. When you use a prepaid calling card, you’re allowed to save up to 95% on your long distance costs. You wouldn’t even need to switch between long-distance carriers to obtain the best competitive rates which prepaid phone cards provide you with.
  • Can be used with any phone: You are allowed to use prepaid phone cards from your cell phone, home landline phone or even office phone and for making a call, you don’t need to discontinue the current long distance service that is already there on your respective phone. In most cases, it is seen that the prepaid calling card will offer you better and more favorable rates per minute.
  • Helps you budget for long distance calls: You just have to purchase one big denomination or an adjustable number of small denomination phone cards to fit according to your personal needs of making personal long distance calls. When you do this, you accurately get to know what you have to pay and how much you’re spending. Hence, there are no chances of unexpectedly big phone bills at the end of the month.
  • Best for vacations and trips: Prepaid calling cards are best when you travel internationally for business or even when you go out for a vacation to some foreign location. Don’t forget to purchase a prepaid phone card as it will help you making long distance calls at a nominal rate and you can even make calls from airports and hotels. However, you may just confirm with your hotel whether or not they allow such usage of phone calling cards.

Henceforth, whenever you’re out for a vacation or a business trip, don’t forget to take your calling card. Now that the providers have also come up with smartphone apps of the card companies, you may even just install the app and use it from your phone.