If you have a physical or psychological disability that negatively affects your ability to work or hold onto a job, you’ve probably given some thought to making a long-term disability claim. Long-term disability claims are made with an insurance company and your eligibility depends on whether your insurance includes an LTD plan in the first place. There’s a good chance that you’ve already attempted to make a claim, but because insurance companies look for any way available to deny these claims, you may have received an unpleasant surprise.

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The success of your claim often has to do with the definition of a disability – in the case of these types of benefits, it has to do with your ability to perform a job. While it may be evident to you that your ability to work has been compromised, insurance companies demand that a certain number of requirements be met in terms of evidence and paperwork. Hiring a disability lawyer in North York, Richmond Hill, or Toronto can help you understand whether or not you have a case when your claim has been denied. You can also find information about reasons why insurance companies deny claims and what you can do about it at Injurydisabilitylawyer.ca.

As hard as it can be to prove a physical disability, particularly one that involves chronic pain, it can be even harder to prove a psychological disability thanks to so much of the stigma around mental health issues. If you have severe anxiety or depression, you are more likely to have trouble working or maintaining a job, and you will need not only a medical diagnosis and prognosis to make a claim, but also documentation that you are receiving quality treatment.

Insurance companies can be ruthless in their attempts to deny a claim, and if there’s evidence that you can still do some work, your claim stands a good chance of being denied. While it’s possible that you might have suggested as much yourself when filling out forms, insurance companies do sometimes conduct surveillance and use both video evidence as well as Facebook posts of claimants doing things like shopping to deny claims. It’s may seem unfair or underhanded, but the logic goes that if you can bend over to pick up a newspaper, then you’re capable of working. This tactic ignores the whole picture, which you understand, but you need an advocate on your side who can defend your claim using the right language and by following the correct procedures.

When you’re looking for disability lawyers in North York, Richmond Hill, or Toronto, start by finding a company that can help you first find out why your claim was denied and what you can do about it. By offering free initial consultations on your case, North York disability lawyers Blackacre Law can help you decide whether or not you can go forward with your claim. In this type of a case, a reputable lawyer will also come at no cost until your case is settled. If you’re making a long-term disability claim, there’s a good chance money is tight, and legal firms like Blackacre Law understand your circumstances. Another important thing to consider when choosing a disability lawyer is whether they can offer appointments during the evenings or on weekends, because it makes little sense to hire a lawyer who doesn’t provide any feasible opportunity for discussing your case with you. These are all things to look out for when you need someone to help defend your case.