The cost of meat has been skyrocketing for the last couple of years. How can you keep up when the cost of meat does not match your income? Do you stop eating?

Well, no of course not. Do you go vegan? That is a possible solution however, the cost of vegetables and fruits are not much better. So how can you eat meat without having to take out a second mortgage on your home?

Some of the steps that you can take to save money on meat is to buy your meat in the morning when the butcher puts the discounted price on it. Meat that is approaching its sell by date will usually be discounted in the morning. Another tip would be to buy in bulk and freeze or share the extras. Another way to save money on meat is to use less of it.

Instead of making the meat the main course, use it to dress up something such as pasta or use it as a add-on in a salad. Another money saving meat tip is to buy frozen meat or can meat instead of fresh meat.

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