It’s about time to start thinking about what to get your loved ones for the holidays. If you’re thinking about getting someone a popular piece of technology, you may want to also consider throwing in an add-on or two. One or more extras included with the main gift, especially something electronic, can be the icing on the cake.

With this in mind, consider the following popular holiday gifts and their suggested add-ons:


With Apple releasing the iPhone XR and XS and Samsung unveiling the new line of Galaxy devices, it’s safe to say a new smartphone is on plenty of holiday wish lists this year. If you plan on getting a loved one a brand new device, consider including a screen protector. There are iPhone XR screen protectors available for purchase online as well as those for other models of smartphone, ensuring a perfect fit. Since screen protectors are non-decorative, there’s no need to fret over matching the style preferences of the recipient.

Gaming Console

Getting a gaming console for Christmas has practically become a rite of passage for kids around the world. However, parents who haven’t picked up a controller since the days of Donkey Kong Country need to be caught up to speed on the importance of memory. Simply put, make sure the unit you buy includes lots of storage space. Considering the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2 requires 107 gigabytes of local hard drive space, and that’s just one game, this add-on will be an important one for the gamer in your family.


A brand new television continues to be a very popular gift option for the holidays. If you’re getting someone an especially nice TV, such as a 4K 82-inch LED, don’t leave them hanging in the audio department. Even a basic system is better than relying on the TV’s native speakers, which even for the best brands in the world will not be able to generate the immersive experience provided by surround sound.


Humanity keeps thinking it’s moved beyond the age of paper, but look around and you’ll see we still depend on printed materials for a number of things including airfare tickets, school papers, and financial records. With this in mind, consider adding a printer in with a computer gift for a loved one. A laptop plus a printer is an especially useful combination for college students.

Apps, Games, and More

All the items on this list can be further augmented by including apps, games, and other software. For instance, a child’s first smartphone can have a number of preinstalled apps on it, both for their enjoyment and your peace of mind. A new TV can be combined with access to Netflix content for a full year, and a gaming console isn’t much without a game or two.

With the holidays right around the corner, many people have their minds set on what to get their loved ones. If you’re planning on buying someone a new phone, game system, or similarly high-end electronic, consider throwing in an add-on or two. They serve to enhance what is sure to be an already much-appreciated present.