FloorYour floor is probably the area of your house that takes the most maintenance. It’s the most susceptible to dirt and mud, and at times can be very difficult to maintain. We’re going to take you through some of the best ways to ensure your floor stays as clean as it possibly can.

Data shows that even the busiest of offices are able to maintain the cleanliness of their floor. Not everyone has the time to manage it like the professionals and businesses do, but there are some tips that fit in with time management.

The first is the most basic tool, the hoover. It’s very easy to maintain your floor using a hoover, and it’s a very important tool in your cleaning locker. A once a week hoovering should keep your floor nice and clean, if you have pets however, twice a week may be needed! For hardwood floors, a lightly wet mop is a great way to pick up any excess hair left behind on the floor. It may be an idea to add some washing up liquid in as well to ensure your floor is squeaky clean! For carpets however, a steamer or a specialised stain remover are useful to remove any dirt that lingers.

Now for some tips from the professionals. The main rule to that must be abided is, never rub a stain! Blotting is the best way forward, as rubbing a stain can spread it wider, as opposed to blotting that targets the stain. For sticky substances such as chewing gum or blu tack, if you apply ice to the area, the substance will harden making it easier for removal. A final tip from the professionals, never use a wet mop on oiled finish wood flooring. Oiled finish is not watertight, so excessive liquid can stain the floor permanently. A damp cloth is the best suggestion.

We hope this guide has helped you maintain your flooring, for any more advice go to www.poshflooring.co.uk!