The name mechanic’s lien may sound that it has something to do with the car mechanic. Actually it’s not. It is actually related to housing property sector. When you re model the property and part of the property, and if there is due left for the contractor or the person who supplied the materials mechanic lien served to them in that occasion. For example, you have re modelled the part of the house and cleared all the dues to the contractor but if the dues are pending for the sub contractor, person who supplied the materials can send serve the mechanic’s lien to you. If it is served, you may not be able to get finance any further from the financial institutions and won’t be able to sell the property without solving the lien first.

How to solve the problems

Once you get the lien from someone who worked for you directly or indirectly, you don’t need to panic. Please call Robinson & Henry immediately. They will assist you in the process. First they will go through the lien completely and will check whether it is served correctly or is there any procedural defect in the lien. There are lot of conditions need to be fulfilled before serving the lien. Person serving the lien must have filed notice of intent at least 10 days before the lien is served. Notice must be served upon the property owner and to primary contractor if any. It will provide the time for the people concerned to solve the situation without lien getting served. Also the work must have been completed before the notice of intent is filed. Notice also must be filed within four months from the last date of materials supplied or last date of labor performed. If there are no materials involved it should be served within 2 months of last performance of the labor. Otherwise it became invalid.

Once you received the notice of intent please reach out to Robinson & Henry. They will go through it and check whether the lien can be defended. They will also check for any procedural flaws in the notice and will assist you in filing the return notice for the intent of notice. In case it is not defendable they will assist you in settling the issue with the parties concerned how to solve the issue amicably without getting in to further problems. They are the leading attorneys in this field and they have experience and knowledge in these cases. So it will be easy for them to help you out. In some cases you may not be at fault as you might have settled the dues with the primary contractor whereas primary contractor would have held back the dues belonging to sub contractor for various reasons which won’t bind you. In this scenario it is easy to defend you as you have not committed any crime or mistake. So once you get the notice or mechanic lien please contact the attorney and they will help you out of the trouble.