As a parent, your child’s comfort, happiness, and health are the most important things in the world. And you will also know how vital it is that they sleep properly. Hence, like most parents, you will probably have been on the lookout for the perfect mattress for your bundle of joy, considering what they will sleep best on. In so doing, you may have come across some Nectar Sleep reviews and decided to opt for a foam mattress. If so, you have made a really good decision. However, if you haven’t come to that decision yet, then the following information may be beneficial for you in terms of picking the right mattress.

The Issue of Support

When a child sleep, they must be properly supported. This means that their spine and bone have to be aligned in the right way, which will help them to grow properly as well. This is why it is so important to have a supportive mattress for them. Not only that, it also ensures they are more comfortable, stopping them from rolling around and fidgeting. In order to “sleep like a baby”, support is key. In fact, this is true not just for your children, but for yourself as well. Mattresses also have different firmness ratings, and you should have the firmest mattresses for the youngest children. This is due to the rapid growth their body and bones go through when they sleep.

Then, there is the issue of support. In order to properly support your child’s growing body, you should consider pocket springs, memory foams, or latex mattresses. Each of these options have their own pros and cons to consider, however. For instance, a pocket spring is often seen as very comfortable thanks to their tufted patterned layers. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are denser and mold themselves to your child’s body and shape. This is the perfect option for restless children who wake up often, because they will be somewhat swaddled instead. Latex foam mattresses’ greatest advantage is that they are very breathable. Should you live somewhere hot, or if your child tends to sweat a lot when asleep, then this is probably the best option.

Spring mattresses tend to be the cheapest but, while they are comfortable, they aren’t generally the best ones. To increase comfort, you should have a spring count as high as possible for more support, and a gauge number as low as possible for firmness. However, this will make the mattress a lot more expensive. If you choose latex or memory foam instead, you need to look into the density of the mattress, which should be 4lbs/5lbs for added firmness.

There are many things to think about when it comes to picking the right mattress for your child. Try, as much as possible, to not be guided by price alone. A good quality mattress that is properly looked after can easily last a decade, so you may as well invest in the right one.