People who graduate from film studies, such as Elvis Dzebic’s grandson, enter the world of film making with thousands of ideas and ideals, but very little money. Thankfully, digital equipment is now available, and that has truly revolutionized the world. Today, you no longer need a serious cash injection from an unknown benefactor to be able to make a difference. Rather, anyone has a chance. The result of this is that there has been a huge increase in film study degrees across the nation.

All about Film Studies

Over 600 colleges across the country now offer film-related studies. The oldest of them all is the School of Cinema and Television, which is part of the University of Southern California. There are some 16,500 students here, and almost all of them take part in at least one TV or cinema class. All 600 of these colleges have to perform. Their role is to make sure students graduate with all the knowledge they need to enter the entertainment workforce. The programs, therefore, have to be professional, occupational, and also vocational. Students have to learn about both practical and theoretical skills to be able to get the most out of their creative abilities.

Of course, one thing all schools also address is the issue of money. Video and film production will always be expensive, even though digital technology is now available. This is why the curriculum of a good program now also focuses on budgeting, business plans, and cost reports.

Then, there is the issue that secrecy is a requirement within the film production industry. This becomes of particular importance when you enter the top leagues, where story lines must remain hidden, as do casts, plots, and more. Understanding secrecy agreements and the importance of keeping things under wraps is a vital element of these degrees. What is linked to that is the advent of the internet, which is used as a tool for piracy. but also the business, financial, and legal concepts and theories. The focus is starting to be placed more and more on calculus, for two main reasons:

  1. The film industry is about making money above all else. Hence, to be successful, you have to be able to understand mathematical calculations.
  2. By immersing students in math and financial courses, they give them a better chance of finding the funds to actually build a career after they complete their degree.

Indeed, students who have a good grasp of income and expenditures in relation to the film industry tend to be in far higher demand. They have also been shown to have greater success rates in terms of attracting funding and keeping their movies within budget. Some will go as far as to say that the calculus element of their degree was the most important element of all, not in the least because it is an important transferable skill.