A weekend getaway is a perfect way to recharge and explore a new city or destination. If you’re also trying to lose weight, a weekend away doesn’t need to completely derail your progress. Whether you’re taking a trip to a sunny La Jolla beach or shredding down the slopes in Aspen, there is going to be no shortage of tasty temptations. So, how do you balance enjoying your weekend getaway without sacrificing your weight loss progress? Use the following tips to stay on track with your weight loss goals and enjoy your weekend. 

Watch your portions. The number one tip is portion control. Not only is critical to your weight loss success during the week, but it can help you stay on track while traveling. Use a portion size guide to help you enjoy what you love without consuming too many calories and derailing your weight loss progress. If you look forward to trying local dishes, sticking to a diet may be a little more difficult as you may not know exactly what’s in every dish. This is where monitoring portions will be important and help you balance your weight loss goals and desire to eat the local cuisine. 

Get moving. A weekend vacation can also be a great chance to try new activities and experiences that get your heart pumping. Opt for an activity that allows you to explore the destination and get moving. For example, a bike ride can be a great way to see a new city as well as squeeze in some exercise without sacrificing any sightseeing time. 

Plan ahead. If you are on a food-restrictive program, such as the ketogenic diet, you’ll need to do a little more planning ahead of time. Start by researching local restaurant menus to scout out options which fit within the confines of your diet. Bring along diet-friendly snacks to resist the urge to grab something off a food truck or cart, which may be harder to research in advance.

Using these tips, you’re able to balance enjoying your weekend getaway without sacrificing your weight loss progress. Don’t let a fun weekend derail all of your hard work; plan ahead so you make sure you remain on track!