Many think that because Bitcoin was the first digital currency that this is the reason why it has the biggest market cap and leads the way in crypto. The reality however is even more impressive and there is little doubt that this digital currency is very much here to stay. Experts in the industry like Robert Testagrossa have been warning new investors to be careful with alt-coins, and with good reason. There are many small coins out there which you can certainly invest in which will help you to make some money, but prices with those can disappear quickly.

Most people will tell you that in your portfolio you should have a good chunk of it dedicated to Bitcoin, and here is exactly why this is the leading light in the cryptosphere a trade bot.

Future Plans

There is one significantly large problem which Bitcoin will have to reckon with in the coming years, that will seriously impact how it does business. The way in which this particular coin comes into existence is through mining, which involves thousands of servers trying to solve algorithms which become tougher and tougher to complete. The issue which this coin has is that in order to mine the coins, it requires a huge amount of energy usage. Currently the mining is performed through proof of work, and it is proof of stake which is the energy-saving alternative. Bitcoin however will soon to change to a more energy-efficient proof of stake, and that will cement its future.

Finite Amount

The limited amount of Bitcoin is what makes it such a perfect cryptocurrency, and this will help to stabilize its price in the future. Many point to the volatility of Bitcoin regarding price, but we have already seen some level of stability in the last couple of months alone. As we reach the last Bitcoins to be mined, the price will both rise and stabilize and that is what will guarantee its success for the future.

Trust in the Project

There are many coins which people will speculate on that most investors just don’t trust. this is what has put off major investors and it is why those prices are so volatile. In the case of Bitcoin however, we are seeing far more trust from major companies and investors and this is exactly why this is the coin for the future. This of course is not to say that other coins won’t be around in the future, but there is little doubt that the most belief is behind Bitcoin. This again is what will help to solidify this coin in the future and why so many will continue to put their faith, and their money, in Bitcoin.


We are already seeing many options for Bitcoin holders to spend the cryptocurrency and this is only going to continue. The more routes that there is to spend Bitcoin, the longer it will continue to reign.

This is why Bitcoin will be the future of cryptocurrency.