You, Diet, and Exercise have become the best of friends. A tight-knit trio. But suddenly, you feel that Diet and Exercise have been giving you the shaft. They promised they would help you on your weight loss journey, but they’ve done nothing but disappoint you instead. Don’t worry — you’ve got a fourth friend who wants to join your group: Liposuction. Here’s a look at why you might need liposuction — a procedure that companies such as Sono Bello actively promote on social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

Liposuction is a procedure that involves getting rid of fat cells so as to change the shape of your body. Your cosmetic surgeon in Bellevue, Washington, will need to remove the right quantity of fat cells to achieve an attractive and healthy result.

You can get liposuction done on a number of areas of your body. For instance, maybe you’ve got love handles you could do without. Or maybe your thighs, upper arms, and neckline could use a little shoring up. Liposuction can also target your butt, back, inner knees, hips, and chest — basically any place where you have excess fat you would like removed.

If you want to experience the best results, it’s helpful if your skin is elastic, as this will allow it to adapt to your body’s new shape effortlessly. However, if you end up with a lot of flabby skin at the end of your liposuction procedure, your cosmetic surgeon can remove this skin so that you not only look thinner but also look more sculpted and toned.

Once your liposuction procedure is over, you’ll still need to keep Diet and Exercise in your friend circle. So, don’t totally axe them. However, eating right and working out should be easier going forward. In the end, you can sport a brand-new body and enjoy the new lease on life that naturally comes with it.