If you live in the GTA and have a basement, any qualified Toronto plumber will tell you sump pumps aren’t just a convenience, they are a necessity to keep repair bills due to water damage from piling up. One small pump is all you need to keep your basement dry and damage free. Water will always flow to the lowest point under a building (somewhere in your basement or crawlspace), so when that exact spot is determined, it is time to create a “sump pit” and install a sump pump.

First Of All, What Is A Sump Pump?
Water from drains or seeping through soil flows into the pit, and the sump pump works to remove it and send it safely away from the building. Basically, without a good pump every time it rains you risk structural flood damage and ruining any belongings stored in the basement because it doesn’t take standing water long at all to do its damage. There are also health issues to consider because mould and mildew thrives in dampness and it doesn’t just smell terrible – some mould-related medical problems can make you very ill, so it’s imperative you call a Toronto plumber if you start seeing moisture in your basement.

Find A Toronto Plumber Now. Don’t Wait For An Emergency!
Anyone living in the GTA already knows it doesn’t take much for the watersheds in this area to overflow their banks. You can’t stop nature, but you can be prepared with the contact information of a good Toronto plumber. Locate one you feel comfortable talking to, and then keep their number in your wallet just in case. You may never need emergency plumbing services, but when you’re searching for that number to put in your wallet, make sure it’s for a company willing to come when you need them, and not just during regular business hours. Plumbing problems don’t keep regular house, so neither should your plumber.
One thing you can count on, living in the beautiful GTA, is the risk of flooding. When water rises so quickly you don’t have much time to act, and if your basement or crawlspace isn’t protected by a sump pump, you’ve got real problems that are going to take a lot of cash to set right again. Consider the cost of repairing structural damage and paying medical bills accumulated due to breathing in mould spores; hiring a qualified, experienced plumber is going to cost a lot less in the long run and is so much easier on your nerves.

Imagine opening your basement door and seeing things floating in water that were never meant to be wet. It could be furniture, art, equipment, and even – heaven forbid – priceless family heirlooms and memories. What do you have stored in your basement right now that you could never replace? True, a good insurance policy might help you get money for most of it, but a qualified plumber can keep a mess like that from happening in the first place.