Cars are designed to last us for a long time, but they certainly don’t last forever. Anyone who’s ever had an old car or kept a car for a long period of time has probably gotten in their vehicle one day, simply to find that it won’t start. Usually, this is an indication that you’re in need of a new car, however, there are many things that you can do with the old one.

There are many Things to Do With Your Old Car if it won't start...

  1. Sell it For Parts

Even old cars which don’t start anymore can be of use. Cars are highly recyclable, and your old banger may not be worth anything on its own, but when sold for parts it could be a gold mine. Depending on the type of car that you own, it could be in high demand from old car enthusiasts and people who refurbish old vehicles. So, before you send your car to the scrapyard, you might want to think about this option instead. Don’t forget to get a car freight quote if you need to ship it overseas.

  1. Part Exchange

Unless you’ve envisioned this coming and have been saving up for a shiny new car for the past few months or years, you might not be financially in a position to replace your old car straight away. This is where part exchange schemes can help – rather than paying the full amount of money for your new vehicle, you’ll be able to put your old car towards the cost too.

  1. Refurbishment

Do you have an interest in fixing old cars and know your way around an engine? Depending on the type of car that you have and the amount of damage done, you might want to consider refurbishing it instead of getting rid of it. With the right new parts, even written off cars can be refurbed. However, be careful if you’re looking into this option as it can often end up costing more than replacing the car!

  1. Recycling

If you can’t sell your car for parts, then there’s no need to worry as you can still recycle it. Taking your car to a scrap yard is one of the best ways to recycle it, as the metal from scrapped cars often goes on to be re-used in manufacturing, whether in the making of new vehicles or even in making other products such as cans.

  1. Just For Show

Some creative people like to turn their old cars into something unique and eye-catching. You could use your old car as an advertisement holder or you might even want to think about doing it up in crazy colours and using it to raise awareness of something close to your heart.

What do you do when your car won’t start? Rather than simply replacing your car, you can still make the most of an old vehicle that’s finally seeing its last days. From selling it for parts to using it for advertising, there are plenty of useful things to do with an old auto.