Not all types of vacations are the same, although they may seem that way from the outside. For example, inexperienced sailors may think that every type of yacht charter is the same, but there are many different types of yacht trips available, each with different features and itineraries. Choosing the right kind of yacht charter is the best way to ensure that everyone onboard gets to do what they want and enjoys the trip. Many experienced yacht lovers who have been on multiple sailing trips feel that an independent yacht charter is the best way to ensure that everyone on board has the best possible time. Here are some of the top reasons that an independent yacht charter is better than getting another kind of yacht charter.

1. Travel a Once in A Lifetime Itinerary

Independent yacht charter, or bareboat sailing as it is sometimes called, is an experience unlike any other from the planning stage forward. Since the experience is totally customizable, guests can choose to visit long awaited destinations or head back to favorite vacation spots from the past. Guests can choose the exact route they want to sail or choose several destinations and get input from an experienced skipper on the best route to take to include them all. Follow a suggested itinerary that includes destinations popular with sailors in this part of the world, or create a totally unique one. Unlike pre-set yacht charters that tell the guests where they will be going, bareboat sailing is totally customized by the guests and only includes the activities that guests want to participate in.

2. Choose Your Level of Independence

Bareboat sailing can be done with or without the assistance of a skipper and crew. For guests who have enough sailing experience to take the wheel, an independent yacht charter can be free of any assistance or crew. This gives a totally immersive experience and a glimpse into what yacht ownership is like. Sailors with less experience on the water can choose a skippered charter, where an experienced captain provides help and advice during the voyage but allows the guests to take the lead. Guests who simply want to relax and enjoy the view can choose a luxury crew charter, where a captain and full crew will take care of the technical aspects of sailing the vessel, as well as providing full service of food, drinks and snacks. This is the ideal option for those who want to live in full luxury for few days. Newer model yachts include luxury features and technology to rival any five star hotel and are staffed by well trained professionals who are ready to help guests enjoy the trip in any way possible.

3. Learn Sailing Firsthand

For aspiring sailors who want to learn more about how to sail a yacht and gain valuable real world experience, an independent yacht charter provides a crash course in how to sail. Guests can watch and learn, or participate in the sailing, docking and launching of the yacht to enable them to learn exactly how this kind of boat works. Learning these maneuvers from an experienced skipper and crew can be much more informative than reading about it or watching videos on how it is done. Even a few days living on a yacht can provide guests with an in depth understanding of how sailing works that can be hard to get anywhere else.

4. Avoid The Tourist Traps

Larger ships and yachts that travel well known routes often stop at the same places, which can be overrun with tourists and crowded at certain times of year. This doesn’t allow the guests to see much of the local culture and people or soak in any of the location’s history or natural beauty. It’s also less than ideal for those who come on vacation to relax and get away from crowds and noise. Instead of sticking to the same tourist traps, a bareboat sailing trip can go to more remote and unique locations, including small bays, coves and harbors that larger boats can’t fit into. This is ideal if the guests have sailed before and do not want to see the same old places. Unique stops can make the same locations seem like a whole new place, and allow guests an authentic glimpse of real life for the people who live there.

5. Keep To Your Target Budget and Stay Length

Chartering a yacht can be done within any budget and time frame guests have in mind, and can often be an affordable luxury. In some cases, chartering an older model yacht provides the same comforts of a newer boat at a more affordable price. In other cases, guests may want to stay on a newer boat but only stay for a shorter time. No matter what the requirements are, an independent charter can cater to them. Since the itinerary is customizable, guests can be picked up in one location and dropped off in another to make travel to their next destination simpler.

6. Customize Your Crew and Charter Guests

Some guests want to be waited on hand and foot, while others prefer to relax in privacy without being interrupted. Independent yacht charter trips can include any level of service the guest wants to make the trip ideal for any situation or personality coming aboard. For example, some guests want the convenience of a chef onboard to avoid the hassle of worrying about coordinating meals, but do not feel they need the constant service of stewards and crew staff to help them sail. In other cases, experienced sailors know they can handle the boat, but need some help planning a route. With customizable levels of skipper and crew involvement, an independent charter can provide whatever assistance is needed.

Another way that chartering makes the experience of sailing more customizable is by allowing the guests to decide how many people to include. Unlike pre-set charters that dictate how many guests should be onboard, independent yacht charters do not require each cabin to be filled before they can sail. This means yacht charters can be done for any size or type of group like a family, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or a couple celebrating a special occasion.

There are many reasons that independent yacht charters are the best choice for once in a lifetime vacations. This experience allows every guest to have a unique trip designed to fit their preferences in a luxurious setting, with the best possible view in the world to wake up to every morning.