What makes a modern leader? This is not at all an easy question to answer. There are so many different theories that can be mentioned and unfortunately, few people realize the fact that we are naturally drawn to what we like. This practically means that the leaders we are attracted to are practically people that we like or appreciate.

According to Marc Leder, every single person in the world has the possibility of becoming a really strong leader. However, in order to do this you need to be really honest with yourself. Everything starts with understanding how likely it is for you to be a leader. There are some clear personality traits that have to be analyzed. When you notice that there is a problem there, changes have to be made.

Fortunately, changes can always be made. There are many tweaks we can make and we can always learn how to become better at practically everything in life. This does include becoming a much better leader.

The main traits you need to look at when you want to predict or understand how effective your leadership approach is are the following.

Stress Tolerance And High Energy Levels

Nobody likes a person that snaps when some pressure appears and that cannot deal with stress. Stress tolerance is particularly important because the best leader is a person that simply does not crumble when faced with adversity. You need to be able to perform at a high standard when faced with any pressure. Having high stress tolerance will help the leaders to cope with different stressful situations and any hectic pace.


If you do not believe in yourself, how can anyone believe in you? Self-confidence should be assessed so you realize if you are a person that has an approach that is action oriented when referring to problem solving. Self-confident leaders are always much more likely to tackle the difficult tasks and are persistent when faced with them.

Emotional Maturity And Stability

This is one aspect of being a leader that is rarely mentioned but that is incredibly important. Having high emotional maturity and stability practically means that you are aware of your weaknesses and strengths. Also, this allows you to make very important changes as soon as they are needed. This is what makes you oriented towards action and self-improvement as opposed to blame and being self-centered.


True leaders have a perfect personal integrity. They are always trustworthy, ethical and honest. You will see that they do keep the promises they make and can easily build trust. Are you that type of person? Do people trust you with important details about their lives? Do you break that trust? These are all really important questions that need to be honestly answered when you assess your leadership material.


Obviously, many more traits can be mentioned but those above should be enough to get you started. If you show them, there is a pretty good possibility you will become a great leader. If not, more work is still needed.