The advancements which have been made in eye care in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable and now those suffering can find a multitude of solutions which can help them out. Those who need glasses can opt for high quality contact lenses or for laser surgery should they so wish, which can help them avoid the use of glasses altogether. Alternatively there are those who need glasses who can benefit greatly from the fantastic invention of progressive glasses. These glasses feature a 3 in 1 approach and within the same lens they can offer short, mid and long range support, all in the same pair of glasses.

If you need support with your vision then here is exactly why progressive glasses could be the right product for you.

Take Them With You

There are most certainly a great number of people who do not only need support with long or short sight, but with both. Now for many this means carrying around a set of glasses for reading and driving and then another pair of glasses for general life. Bifocals can offer some support here of course but they are not able to completely help and many will still carry an additional set of glasses along with those bifocals. With progressive glasses this doesn’t have to be the case and you can ensure that you have all of the lenses which you need in a single pair of glasses, making it unnecessary to take more than one pair with you.

Low Cost

Whilst the cost of progressive lenses is not low, when we compare the cost of one pair of lenses to say the cost of 2 pairs or perhaps even 3 pairs of varifocals and bifocals, we can see that the progressive glasses offer much better value for money to those who need them. Glasses are not cheap and whilst the cost of frames have certainly come down in recent years, the cost of lenses has not and this remains very high indeed. Users of glasses can help to reduce their costs with the investment of progressive lenses.

Sun Care

Because of the design of progressive glasses they can also be used to help with the protection of the eyes in the sunshine. This of course reduces the need to use sunglasses or to keep switching sunglasses and normal lenses. This is particularly beneficial in the car for example, when the sun is flitting in and out of the window. Instead of chopping and changing between glasses, your an concentrate on your driving and let the progressive glasses take care of those harmful UV rays, whilst also supporting your vision as you drive.

Very often there is suspicion when you get these all-in-one products, as the idea is that to pack so many things into the same item means reducing the quality of each function, when it comes to progressive glasses however, this is certainly not the case.