Even the most hardened smoker understands the dangers which the smoking of cigarettes carries and that is why so many are keen to kick the habit and live a smoke free life. In the past this would have meant giving up smoking altogether but thanks to nicotine vapes this doesn’t have to be the only way. Of course those who wish to give up smoking can do, but those who don’t wish to completely stop do have another option before them. That option is vaping and here is why it is the perfect alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Less Harmful

What many fail to understand is that whilst nicotine is a very addictive substance it is not necessarily a harmful one. the harmful chemicals in cigarettes are carbon monoxide, carcinogens and tar. Vaping features none of these and it is only nicotine which you will find in the liquids which are sold to be smoked through a cartomizer. Nicotine is generally a non-harmful chemical and that is why it is the preferred option for so many.


One of the reasons why so many find it difficult to quick smoking is that they are so used to the ritual that goes with it. Heading out of the office or the workplace at the same time, meeting friends for a smoke, all of these things make smoking an addiction which is about much more than nicotine or chemical addiction. Once again we see vaping providing the perfect solution here, which can mimic the ritual of smoking, even the blowing of ‘smoke’ out of the mouth. Even if you are vaping liquid which doesn’t have any nicotine, you will sill be able to gain that sense of smoking something which is what so many of us are used to.

Widely Accepted

Many smokers have felt much maligned in recent years as they have been cast out as social lepers, owing to the smell of the cigarettes. In all honesty those who do not smoke certainly have a point and it is unfair for them to smell of cigarettes or inhale second hand smoke when they don’t want to. Again this is where the vape comes in as the perfect option, vaping is mainly scentless and there is no second hand ingestion of harmless chemicals. Whilst some establishments do still want people to vape outside, we are seeing man more which accept vaping indoors, because of the fact that there is no smell or any of the other negatives which smoking once brought.

Low Cost

The price of cigarettes at the moment is absolutely incredible and that is one of the reasons why more and more are looking to vape instead. For what a packet of cigarettes costs, you could buy some liquid which would last you 100 times longer than that packet of cigarettes ever could.

These are the main reasons why vaping nicotine liquid is becoming so attractive to those who currently smoke cigarettes.